GameShard - Monster Hunter Tri reviewed

GameShard writes: "For all of its streamlined tutorial and revamped approach, Tri will still polarize gamers. It's not a game to be taken lightly, and progress really does require dedication and commitment to making your Hunter the best he or she can be, experimenting with different items, tactics and weapons to get the combination that works for you. That sort of game won't be for everyone, but if you have the time and inclination, you'll find Monster Hunter Tri a deep and rewarding experience that will soak up as much of your time as you can possibly spare. If you don't, Tri might be an enjoyable diversion for a while, but you probably owe it to yourself to at least give it a go first, even if you've already tried the PSP Monster Hunter games."

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Perjoss2856d ago

This is my game of the year so far, my choice may change though after playing Red Dead and Reach. For a wii game its incredibly in depth, loving it.

rezzah2855d ago

If you enjo1 monster hunter game you will enjoy the others, thing about this one is that its completly new. If you get the chance to play the previous one youd enjoy it since the monsters are different.

dib8rman2856d ago

What he/she deducted it for or at least spoke on negative grounds about it on seemed a bit polar. I'm sure there wasn't an agenda but it seemed like one.

The game is good and some of the stuff he/she says is true but it's like he's grading it like it's supposed to be God of War or Devil May Cry when it's an Action RPG not just a RPG or just Action.

rezzah2855d ago

This is a great score for a MH game, not always do they give them high scores such as this one.

asdr3wsfas2855d ago

This game is awesome, it's like diablo but without sucking.

I like it as much as Demon's souls.

Titanz2855d ago

Wiispeak,4player online/2player offline,NO FRIEND CODES!

It deserve's a better score--the game is incredibly lengthy and a blast to play, "GOTY" contender for sure.