Guild Wars 2: New Screenshots and Videos

ArenaNet released new screenshots and five videos for it's upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2. The videos are presenting the Elementalist - the first official class of Guild Wars 2.

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Chris3993003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Not the usual broken-English garbled crap that web browsers display.

More on topic, this is my most anticipated game over the next two years. I honestly don't see them fvcking this one up, it should be amazing. The spell-effects look phenomenal, and this isn't even alpha.

Gun_Senshi3003d ago

i posted this (direct source) in comments yesterday

just go to

vhero3002d ago

Cannot wait for this title loved the first game and was happy when I heard the sequel would be free to play too. There is talks of a PS3 port as part of the NCSoft deal that was talked about at E3 like 3 years back and since this been in development over 4 years it makes sense but if it comes to PS3 it will probably be later than PC.

Meryl3003d ago

i hope guild wars2 come to ps3 some day, oh well, guild wars 1 was ok, but i found it so hard to get ino, i don't know why i was more addicted to WOW and that cost too much so I gave up on MMORPG's in the end.

SuperStrokey11233003d ago

Looks fantastic but thats to be expected as the first one was great

wollie3003d ago

can't wait for this! the first one was so awesome.

CLOUD19833003d ago

this game is awesome pretty with crazy graphics mind-blowing animations on skills/spells it's truly magnificent I cant w8 to try it, one of the things I truly like about this game is the fantastic world arenanet create, it's like it's alive somehow :D gr8 job! release this gem and let the fun begin(burn) ^^