LucasArts 'excited' about lightsaber game

From the first moment Wii was revealed it's the game that we all envisioned – a motion sensitive lightsaber simulator where players could take on the likes of Darth Vader and Obi Wan Kenobi.

There have been titles that have promised to fulfil the dream, but none – perhaps due to the inherent limitations of the Wii hardware – have ever quite delivered.

Can the arrival of Sony's apparently very accurate Move and Microsoft's Natal change that? MCV asked LucasArts CEO Darrell Rodriguez that very question...

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Meryl3030d ago

please put up the sword animations as well, this really is the best example:):)

Shepherd 2143030d ago

Releasing a Battlefront 3, a Kotor 3, or a Jedi Knight 4 is what you should be excited for LucasArts, you people are becoming useless with your Force Unleashed junk. It was a solid game, but Fracture? come on now. And all they care about is their MMO the Old Republic now.

cayal3030d ago

If they could make it work with no lag I would actually consider Move/Natal for this.

Meryl3030d ago

they won't bother with natal it's too laggy, ps move is very accurate and fast too, you only have to look at their sword demo to see this, now jedi lightsaber battles can be finally realised

trounbyfire3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

about the MOVE set up is that you have the PS EYE as well so if you thrust your hand forward you get force push and a grabbing motion could draw your opponent or object closer to you. Using MOVE to select an object an throw it around. you can hold the light saber any way you want like backhanded.

"""one thing it has to slice threw whatever it touches no matter what it is so the AI has to be really good. imagine taking out a boss buy cutting off his limbs or stabbing him. Force push him into a wall then spear him threw the heart.""""

(yes MOVE still tracks you body, head, and arms when you us MOVE)

really the "ipad"...I am hoping that apple goes bankrupt and stop ripping people off. you can buy all the parts for an ipod original for less than 50 dollars but they charge $223.00 way more because its apple.

ReBurn3030d ago

Not sure how you got to Apple from a lightsaber game. Anyway, instead of complaining that Apple is ripping people off why don't you just spend the $50 on the parts and make your own iPod? If you can, then it is nothing more than just the sum of its parts and people are being ripped off. If you can't, then perhaps there's more to it than you realize and maybe worth the cost.

Kratos Spartan3030d ago

ipad is mentioned in the link. Reading is fundamental ;-)

table3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

This is where Natal fails in my opinion, it leaves too much to the imagination. On the move you will have an object to swing with button feedback, Natal lacks this sort of interface. Apparantly it can trace objects? That wont be any good without a simple button feedback. It has the same problem in other genres, for example driving games; why would I want to pretend to have a steering wheel when I could actually use one. After all this there still remains the problem of lag and innacuracies. I'm sorry but so far Natal looks to be at best for casual games only.

ReBurn3030d ago (Edited 3030d ago )

I think that we're going to see both Natal and Move reserved primarily for the casual space. I know people want to believe that somehow these technologies will somehow bring better games than what we've seen with Wii that somehow appeal to self-styled "hardcore" gamers. But I think that third party developers are still going to struggle with control paradigm and there won't be enough compelling reasons beyond launch software for people to invest in the add-ons.

ATLGAMER3030d ago

Lacks any type of substance and still does not have any real killer apps....

ThatArtGuy3030d ago

I would like a sequel to X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter!

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