Command & Conquer 4 Update Released

EA has released a new update for Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, now available for download. The patch adds three new multiplayer maps to the title along with some minor bug fixes.

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bumnut2882d ago

i can't believe what they have done to this game! i have been playing c&c since the 1st one (dune 2 before that) and this is the worst one ever.

i don't know how they can still call it command and conquer!

Supreme commander 2 wipes the floor with this game.

TheRealist21022882d ago

Here's that game I would have bought if it didn't force me to be connected to the Internet during single player.

I Call 9MM2882d ago

Any DRM removal and base building added back? No, okay then, move along. Seriously, I have to say if I wanted to play a game like this, I would just stick to Dawn of War II.

Revvin2882d ago

Give me a patch that add's base building and I'll buy it, this is not Command & Conquer.

Setekh2882d ago

Agreed with everyone here, an absolutely HORRIBLE game that is a disgrace to the C&C name. EA should be ashamed.