PlayStation Move May Arrive In October, Suggests A Release Date

A while back Warner Bros. Interactive announced intentions to release Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest on the PS3 (along with PS2, PSP, DS, and Wii). It also included that the title would have PlayStation Move support, and the game is due out this fall, with a set release date.

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xXRight3yeXx2975d ago

To me, Natal will be a bigger success because of how M$ advertises it. Unlike how Sony advertised Playstation Eye. Now, all the Wii casuals out there will think Natal is new tech but it is not though in the contrary. They will buy and experience the 2 second lag. Move on the other hand is just a Wii controller with better graphics cos it's on PS3. Duh? I'm not saying Sony is stealing Nintendo's ideas or anything btw.

And so, i'm not buying any of these casual stuff. I'd rather buy a new game.

*Looks at disagrees*

vhero2975d ago

I disagree purely because of how each tech is used rather than advertising. You can't say MS will win because of advertising as it didn't work for them with Final Fantasy XIII and it might not work here. MOVE is sending out all the right signals and they are actually sending out test kits to all major games and tech magazines for reviews that's free advertising there. They have praised it heaps loads and NATAL has had nothing great said about it by real techies just actors and a few MS employees who would you trust??

NateNater2975d ago

There's a lot of big releases this fall. An October release for Move seems logical what with Natal and 3DS coming out around then too.