Ni no Kuni Pushed to Fall

Andriasang: Level-5 gives stealth delay to Studio Ghibli tie-up.

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Redempteur3034d ago

Well this "gem of a game" need to get a us release date...


shadowfox63034d ago

I've seen this game before, liked the idea, but haven't heard of anything about it in a long time. Now I really need to see more of it, level-5 never disappointed me before, hope it releases soon :)

Invader_Quirk3033d ago

I'm really excited for this. Level 5 makes excellent games and Ghibli makes excellent eye candy. :) Really would like to see a US confirmation, though. Does anybody know if they've announced that yet?

PS360WII3033d ago

I was wondering which game would get delayed first. Level 5 has so many in development it's crazy 0.o

SpoonyRedMage3033d ago

It doesn't help they keep announcing more!

People complain about Square Enix announcing more than they release but Level 5 take it to a whole another... level I suppose.