IGN: "What We Want: Pokemon Black & White "

IGN writes: "It's no big surprise that Pokemon is getting a little...stale. There, we said it. Even those of us who are actually big fans of the series are starting to get fed up with how slowly the series is progressing. Instead of writing an article saying the game needs a complete overhaul with a new real-time battle system and 3D everything, we decided to go for the more realistic route."

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marcleary3029d ago

you have been reading my freaking mind.

BadCircuit3029d ago

There are many good points in there. Hope you pay attention Nintendo!

dgroundwater3029d ago

The comment about having nothing but Zubats and Geodudes in all caves is a big one for me. So there are like 490something pokes, but they couldn't make some of them wander in caves too?

Calm Down Sunshine3029d ago

Where are the 'Light' type pokemon?

You've got 'Dark'.

So why not?

Hotel_Moscow3029d ago

needs better battle animations

iceman28853029d ago

I don't know, I may be in the minority here, but I loved the game when there were 151 pokemon, heck even 250 was alright. But right now there are just too many darn pokemon to remember.

Keep some of the favorites and make some new ones, but cap it off at like 200-250.

Also, one thing that they absolutely need to do, is get rid of evolving pokemon through trades. I hate the idea that I have to trade with someone to evolve my pokemon to the next level, especially when I don't know anyone else who plays the game anymore.

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