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Michael A from TheBitBag writes, "There are only two spy/espionage game series that have garnered my respect and time. One is Syphon Filter (Come on Sony, make a PS3 version already!!!). The other is Ubisoft's Splinter Cell. I remember playing the first game back on the original Xbox and being blown away. It was everything I wanted out of a spy/espionage game that had never been available. It focused more on the realism in its presentation and gameplay dynamics than a silly, illogical story line. I have been hooked ever since. I have played every Splinter Cell game on major consoles. In the past, Splinter Cell has been, arguably, the most consistent franchise in terms of quality. Splinter Cell: Conviction is in an odd position. It saw numerous delays and even a design and gameplay change. Still, fans remained patient and began to see that patience repaid as a concrete release date and gameplay direction were shared. That release date has come and gone. I have had time to play both the single player and co-op campaigns to completion on the Realistic difficulty. Splinter Cell: Conviction is a great game. Let me explain why."

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OOG2949d ago

Good review... I agree with most of it... Hopefully the next one will have Spies vs Mercs.

chickenlegs92949d ago

morning everyone,i pretty much stoped reading this after the author completely missed out ALL the generations metal gear games,as they were the games that inspired both syphon filter and splinter ANY gamer has not played at least one of the mgs games,and not had an enjoyable experience with it is beyond say there are only two spy/espionage game that have ever earned his trust goes to show the author is either young,or sadly has not enjoyed one of(if not)the best spy/espionage series of all time...oh and the 4.5 score its been given is actually the games lenght.

tordavis2949d ago

You are correct my friend. It's 'beyond you'.

Nebulas Zero2949d ago


Careful. You don't wanna hurt Torrence's feelings, lest he gets on a podcast to assault you with his l33t interweb threats. :P

Seriously tor, is any one having an opinion that deviates from yours such a crime to humanity?

chak_2949d ago

you loving MGS doesn't mean any gamer should like it.

I for one HATE it. I'd rather play than watch an interactive movie

OOG2948d ago

See MGS is a lot different of a game compared to games like Splinter Cell and Syphon Filter etc. The only thing they have in common with Metal Gear is that they use stealth elements but Metal Gear lives in a fictional world that is well... a little out there... lol... which makes total sense why its not part of the whole SPY type of category of game. I love Metal Gear but they are hardly alike.

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chickenlegs92949d ago

more like beyond any gamer that puts syphon filter over any mgs game...look i really dont like the direction this games gone,as this review states,the multi players weak,and the storys short.that and my experience with the game(admittedly only 2 hours)is that its far to easy.if your happy with it,great.enjoy it.

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