OXCGN's Resonance Of Fate Review: Has Final Fantasy sealed its fate?


"Japanese development company Tri-Ace haven't really hit their stride yet with this generation of consoles...

So it's with well-guarded high hopes that JRPG fans have approached Resonance Of Fate – another entirely new creation that drops traditional weapons and magic in place of firearms.

Released in Japan earlier in the year under the name End Of Eternity, Sega made the ballsy move of releasing Resonance Of Fate to North American and European markets mere days after Final Fantasy XIII hit the shelves."

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gaminoz3029d ago

JRPG games sure have a distinctive look don't they? The big blue eyes, the attention to hair detail...

REALgamer3029d ago

So I'm interested in this.

Only thing putting me off is its love of grey...not exactly the prettiest look next to FFXIII or Eternal Sonata. Also I've heard about difficulty spikes which aren't my thing.

XboxOZ3603029d ago

SOrry, after watching actual gameplay footage, it just does not grab me at all. Can not see what the whole attraction is with these games . . . point cursor at target, hit button, scene takes place, enemy gets damage, repeat . .

What you see in the QT events just does not marry into the actual gameplay . . .

And they want to be taken seriously, yet they do chapter starts like the video at the bottom, or the one where they encourage Leanne to go and be an escort and they'll take photos etc . . come on . . seriously.

ClownBelt3029d ago

So you don't like RPG in general then.

QT events? where?

What the hell are you babbling about? lol

Who wants to be taken seriously?

Godem3029d ago

what a strange video at the end of the review... lol

Immortal Kaim3029d ago

Love my JRPG's.

Just beat FFXIII so looking forward to starting a new one, would this game be a good choice?

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