Guild Wars 2 Specific Combat Mechanics Revealed

Alex from GamesOnSmash writes "Today ArenaNet President, Mike O'Brien; Guild War's 2 Design Manifesto, released some exciting specifics on what players can expect from Guild War's 2 most exciting components, which are combat mechanics as well as some details on the Elementalist Profession. The latest information can give gamers a first look at the visceral and dynamic action they can expect from the anticipated sequel to the acclaimed Guild Wars franchise. For the details click the jump".

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Mucudadada2973d ago

GW2 FTW!!! This is my favorite online game of all time and it seems like the changes they are making are going to fit right into what made the first one so great. It is a fantastic mix of casual play that you can get very, very indepth with.

Lex_Yayo_4072973d ago

Guild Wars is a nice game.

superrey192973d ago

I bought Guild Wars from a friend about 4 months ago and for a relatively old game, it is great and definitely has me excited for the sequel.

Gun_Senshi2973d ago

old i posted this in comments long ago, with elementist update