OXCGN's Alien vs Predator Review: A Gore-tastic Dismemberment


"It is with great pleasure that I announce Rebellion 's Alien vs Predator is officially one of, if not the most, visceral games to ever grace my console. The amount of signature kills in this game for both the Predator and the Alien is enough to make anyone squirm in their seats, even the hardnosed teenagers in the 14-17 year age bracket.

Which begs the question- why are teenagers of this age range even allowed to play such a game that contains such violence displayed on human beings (and how did the game get un-banned in Australia when you compare it to other banned titles)?"

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Belgavion3004d ago

I was always going to buy this day one but once I heard the length of the campaigns I didn't bother. Will still grab it when its around $30 or under

XboxOZ3603004d ago

I'd still buy it, I've played some of it, and it's intense to say the least.

Personally I look at how engrossed I get with a game, not how long it is. A movie provides me with 1-2 hours of entertainment, if I get 6-8 from any game, then I'm a happy camper.

It's best to judge games by ones own experience, rather than anothers, after all, it is a personal thing ..

gaminoz3004d ago

How this one got past the Aussie classification board but not Left4Dead 2, I'll not understand.