A Message from the Advertising Council of Liberty City, Vice City & San Andreas

Rockstar writes - "The Advertising Council of Liberty City, Vice City & San Andreas is proud to bring you these hard-to-find gems of radio ad creative of years past.

By popular demand, The Ad Council will be posting some of the most memorable commercials to ever hit the airwaves."

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cranium2950d ago

"They have your wife!"
"But I'm not married!"
"You are now; to America!"

Wow these are awesome.

Brewski0072950d ago

"Tim dont leave me you thought me baseball tim, and how to rock!"
Hahah that cracked me up, brings back some memories! :) .
Pretty cool thing for them to do.

R_A_LEE202950d ago

Possibly some of the most memorable parts in the old GTA game where the Radios and there banter with all the ads and talk shows.

galgor2950d ago

completely agree. GTA IV's radio sucked in my opinion. I've had it on mute a long time. Hopefully Rockstar will get a better setlist & some better shows in the next major release.

DlocDaBudSmoka2950d ago

this is what always made me love GTA. just the randomness of the radio commercials. i.e. thats just pure comedy, well for me at least.

DlocDaBudSmoka2950d ago

the mybotsu (or whatever) monstrocity. i think that was the name of it from GTA3. i woulda loved to drive that, after hearing all the ads for it.

pimpmaster2950d ago

why didnt they post liberty city surviror commercial lol. or i remember that rambo ish commercial where some guy goes to a special ed school and kills every one lol.