Can Americans Love A Dreamy Samurai Game?

The Sengoku Period of Japanese history was rife with intrigue, war, social upheaval and, apparently, sexy samurai.

Capcom's enormously popular Sengoku Basara action video game series has spawned comics, movies, a line of food products, a live-action theatre production and castle tours, but little interest over the years outside of Japan.

The Japanese developer hopes to change that with Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes, the first in the series to hit North America since the release of the initial game, which was renamed Devil Kings for its 2005 release in the US.

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NYC_Gamer2914d ago

Hmmmm...this reminds me of that dynasty warriors garbage...

RememberThe3572914d ago

But with some better animations Dynasty Warriors could be great again. I used to love the series, but once it got transferred to this generation even I couldn't get my self to play it.

I must have put 200 hours into Dynasty Warriors 3 alone. Now I can't even get through the demo.

Yi-Long2914d ago

... the problem is usually that the publishers are so scared that the 'new audience' might not like it, that they usually screw the release up with renaming the game, giving it a horrible dub, cutting content out that THEY deem not suitable/interesting for the western market, etc etc.

This game has the potential to attract the people who are interested in asian history, martial arts, manga/anime, etc etc. And those people do NOT want their product cut and dubbed. They just want it subbed and that's it.

Sadly though, publishers, both for games AND movies, have been making these same kind of mistakes ever since the days of Seven Samurai.

kraze072914d ago

Koei has ressurected the series with Dynasty Warriors Strike Force. It's definitely worth buying for any fan of the series.

SaiyanFury2914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Anyone who's played through the original Samurai Warriors (Sengoku Musou) game from KOEI will recognize most of those names. I'm a big fan of the Musou series, but there's been really little innovation in the series since Dynasty Warriors 4. The Samurai Warriors game really brought it home for me as a student of Japanese history. If Capcom can make it work, then I'll be getting this title, when and if they really do bring it over here. I'm a big fan of "jidaigeki" or Samurai periodic pieces including movies and games. I'd welcome this if it comes out here in North America.

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George Sears2914d ago

I dislike Anime and Manga so no for me. Onimusha was awesome though. This one looks way too Asian for my liking.

RememberThe3572914d ago

It had Jean Reno! How awesome is that?!

alphakennybody2914d ago

Onimusha 1 2 3( I still need to play 4, looks amazing!), best samurai games I've played during the ps2 era.

kraze072914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

I personally don't think the West is getting enough Eastern games this generation, well the consoles at least. Especially games like this. Don't get me wrong I love my FPS, RTS, WRPG, and MMOs but I want more of the types of games that got me into gaming in the first place.

@ 2-
The Onimusha series truly was great. If there's any series Capcom needs to bring back this gen it's that one.

2914d ago
bunfighterii2914d ago

I'm craving a realistic Samurai game, instead of one full of warriors who look like they belong on mardi-gras floats and who glow with multi-coloured flames when they kill someone.

Instead of a combo-based brawler, lets have one with real swordplay, with great graphics, realistically rendered, nice open world environment and no bad, outrageously coloured haircuts and ridiculously camp armour.

Something with Rockstar-level open world graphics and detail, set in Japan, with lots of customisation, and great swordplay- Red Dead in the Sengoku Jidai or Edo period. That's my dream game...

I also realise there is Way of the Samurai 3- but its horrible...

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