New trailer available for latest installment of BioShock 2 DLC

Alex from GamesOnSmash writes "Today 2K Games released a new trailer for upcoming DLC titled "Rapture Metro Pack". The pack will include 6 new maps, a new game mode called "Kill'em Kindly" which is a fight to the death using nothing but golf clubs, rank level has now been increased to level 50, 2 new masks as well 3 new achievements/trophies. "Rapture Metro Pack" is the second of several planned packages. They will contain a number of features that will provide Bioshock 2 with deeper online experience and character development. Click the jump for the trailer."

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FunAndGun2826d ago

Did they fix that laggy mess yet?

rroded2826d ago

liked the mp too tho these pay for lvls n power ups pretty muched wrecked it imo

laggy n very limited numbers kinda glad i jus rented it.