290° Insane Games Sale Titles Upgraded

"After a fairly slow couple of week's, the deals are really hitting... is back again this week with some additional titles eligible for the free $10 future purchase coupons.

Add the 15NEW (15% Off Xbox 360/PS3/Wii) or 25OFF (25% Off $100+ orders) to the already discounted prices and squeeze some serious savings (coupons expire April 30)..."

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deadreckoning6662917d ago

Dude, Liberty City Episodes for 20 bucks! Great Deal

qface642916d ago

too bad this is all online only though

CobraKai2917d ago

Bioshock 2 for 30? No one buy it. Or at least leave me one copy

Cheeseknight282917d ago

Not sure if I should bite on Episodes from Liberty City. I have a feeling it will be on sale on XBLA for $10 each soon...

ReservoirDog3162916d ago

Wouldn't you rather it on a disk though?

Cheeseknight282916d ago (Edited 2916d ago )

Actually no. That way I just have one GTA disk.

Jack-Pyro2917d ago

SC:C Only 42 bucks, I know what I'm doing =D

Plus that'll leave me enough cash to buy RDR when it comes out in a few weeks.


-MD-2916d ago

You should look into cheapassgamer... I've seen SSC for 35$ shipped posted multiple times.

jagstatboy2916d ago

got LBP:GOTY for $24.55 total

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