The Movie-Based Game Crisis

Fellow gamers, we are at a true crossroads in our gaming lifetime. We need to take a stand and put a stop to the madness that is overtaking our beloved industry. This madness that I speak of is the one-two combo of new movie releases followed by the terrible video game based on the movie. Now the quality of the movie is not what concerns me; for all I care, Hollywood can poop out a hundred million dollar pieces of crap like they are going out of style. What does concern me is that the game, regardless the quality of the movie, will undoubtedly be the worst game you've ever played.

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tunaks13151d ago

Spider man 1 and 2 were good,
so was golden eye on the n64,
Revenge of the Sith was a good game,
and Return of the King was an awesome game,
thats pretty much all the movie games that are good.