David Jaffe Supports Legal PSN Game Sharing

Ironstar: David Jaffe has just spoken more in depth about PlayStation Network game sharing. He noted that he fully supports legal game sharing rather than sharing among random users across the PlayStation Network.

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arakouftaian3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

He kind of start good, but then he said things like
if you can hack a game make a copy and give it to your friend its ok
that priracy wich is not ok, but i belive if you are poor you should do it.

and he start talking about having the DLC content in the disc already
is ok to do that and that pure BS
and i know he has a lot of fans but nobody should support that idea.
i remenber everybody got mad when campcon did it and everybody should
get mad at this guy because he is saying is ok to do it.

he is a nice cool guy but some ideas of him are 5tupid and not cool.

PS. to . David Jeff

you know we could hurt you if we wan't we can buy used games
but if you respect us and treat us right we could buy new games.

let me put it this way,
my PS3 got YOLD for the 3rd time.
and is a great entretainment product i sue it every day.
but YOLD is not someting im doing
is someting that happend because
the systhem is poor quality
Sony should be responsable fix the problem for for free.
and take care of me.
plus i already lose all my one year save data or games pictures and etc and this same thign happending 3 times suxs way worse.

knwo i will not buy MOD NATION RACES, GRAN TURISMO 5, and few otehr games on day one, o will wait and get them used because i fell used by SONY.

how i can hurt them?
not buying never againg a NEW game.
if they took care of me respect me and fix my ps3 for free.

i will be verry happy and buy their NEW games every time.
and i will recomend their product and buy other from SONY like
a TV SONY brand and not a Samsung.

or when i Buy a future laptop i could chouse a SONY one but will i?

ps. i don't care about XBOX or M$ i dislike i know they are worse.

-Alpha3003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

Trying to steal my Wall-of-Text championship eh?

I don't gameshare with total strangers but the whole concept is frowned upon by Sony if I'm not mistaken. Yet for some reason they haven't done anything to change it. In all honesty, I don't give a crap, if I can get free games with Sony not giving a crap either then no harm.

Hell, even devs don't seem to care since if they did they could lock content.

There are numerous ways Sony could manage to allow multiple downloads of a purchase without having it shared with others. Essentially the idea exists if you have to delete a game or have the HDD corrupt, etc.

I do feel like I rob developers, and that is my only ethical issue, but they have the freedom to lock content if they please.

MAiKU3002d ago

How on earth can it be illegal? you can only do it about 5 times with a game.

Army_of_Darkness3002d ago

If I purchase a $60 game, I should be able to access everything in that disc!!! Not pay additional unlocking fees just to get some new costumes and sh1t! WTF?!

you know, I love the ability to install and have more storage space for our consoles and all, but things like this sometimes makes me wish that internal Harddrives & updates didn't exsist for consoles, so developers wouldn't be able to hold back on us like they do now!!!
just imagine if they made Resident evil 4 for this Gen instead. I bet we'd have only half the game playable, while the rest of the extra stuff such as alternate costumes and Ada's story would all be DLC... Bullsh1t!

Incognegro3002d ago

wtf are you smoking?

after watching that video...I don't even see where you got that piracy line from either. you pretty much took two parts of things he was saying and splicing them together. he basically said that he can understand game sharing if you have multiple consoles and need to install said game on other consoles. Not once did he say anything about it being cool with giving it to friends. And the hacking part was in reference to the extra content on the disc. If you can find a way to pull the extra content on the disc without paying for it and using it for yourself, then he doesn't have much of an issue with it since technically you do own the game.

As far as his stance on having DLC content on the disc, I can honestly see that. I'm not a big fan of it to be honest. I never really did like DLC to begin with. But if it's going to be done, and if the media device has storage capacity, I can see the need to go ahead and store it on the device till it's ready to be unlocked. I may not necessarily agree with it, but I can accept it if it's going to be practiced. Also, the game sharing analogy was pretty good. Never thought of it that way... I don't think I'll stop doing it

PlainOldGamer3002d ago

Hes David Jaffe. Nuff said.

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ClownBelt3002d ago

Wow. He got a youtube page? Subscribe.

Lirky3002d ago

Well if its friends u talk to on a normal basis or family members then i guess he supports that. But random ppl like the user above me then its like u dont know the person and randomly letting them sharing a game or many dlcs , but they could also change your password locking you out of your account. Its safe for friends u know or family members though.

Incognegro3002d ago

Delete your credit card info if you know you're going to gameshare, and make sure the p/w you give them is different from your email address or a different p/w to begin with. If it's different from your email address they can't get into your account and change it there. Because if something like that happens, then you can always request for a reminder to your email and you should get your p/w back....well unless they change your email as well. If they do that then you're might as well just leave your billing info out and only gameshare with people you feel you can trust.

Shendow3002d ago

I let two of my friends bore my games, one think I try to do is keep the case to remember what game I don't have an to know the case won't get mess up (I can't stand game cases that are beat up).

The sharing games that you download, I do that with people I know I trust, an I had a girl let me do the same and as pay back. She got a beta code for a game she loves to play.

To tell the true, I think it be pretty cool idea if Sony makes it were you can put your disc in the system an choose share with a friend, then it steams it to the friends you choose an their is a limit of five, but in the same time if the delete it. Well its gone an you regain the number of people you can share with.

But that is what I think, know making a idea like that work my be alot harder then it sounds and could take alot of time. But who knows.

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