Second Life's new third-party viewer policy takes effect Friday

Linden Labs to block some third-party Second Life viewers starting on Friday.

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RememberThe3572950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Does anyone on N4G actually play Second Life?

xabmol2950d ago

It was really fun. The building with primes kinda reminded me of a simple 3Dmax. I would just log on and go build stuff and my friend would program/animate it.

But then some bastard hacker had to go and create a tool that would copy any creation so that anything I made could just be stolen. =/ Kinda killed the experience for me. I liked to sell the stuff I built to buy other things I could not.

Lombax Rexroth

SactoGamer2950d ago

Whether people at N4G play it or not, it's still news.