Team Fortress 2 Major Update Brings Crit-a-Cola, Heavy/Pyro Nerfing, New Map

Valve has released a large update for its class-based FPS Team Fortress 2, now available for download. The patch brings several balancing tweaks to the Pyro and Heavy, brings the new community map cp_freight, adds the Crit-a-Cola item and much more.


Heavy is buffed/tweaked not nerfed.

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Pandamobile2824d ago

Suddenly, free content and updates.

Cylon2824d ago

They made the fcking demoman unstoppable, dumb dumb dumb move by valve.

Pandamobile2823d ago

I've still got no problems taking out the Scotsmen

Cylon2823d ago

Oh hey we game the demoman a giant sword.

Oh hey we also gave the demoman the ability to run at you with the sword.

Oh hey we ALSO haven't removed the demomans ability to trigger his stickys even if he isnt using his sticky gun.

The game just sucks now, it used to be soo good.

Pandamobile2823d ago

It's still good. It's just changed. (IMO for the better)

KRONie2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Agreed. Valve got carried away somewhere with the updates.

I stopped playing TF2 since demo update, and i won't even bother checking this update out. I should probably change my avatar now. shame.

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pxpxp2823d ago

Im spending most of my PC gaming time on SC2

halo2_redvsblue2823d ago

All they need to do is make the sticky bomb wait longer to blow up. Like 2 more secs. other then that Im glad they upped the heavy.

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