Four Years Later Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Is Still The Best Western RPG This Gen

Gary A Swaby of writes: Elder Scrolls: Oblivion may not be every gamers cup of tea, and I was never much a fan of fantasy RPG's prior to playing it. However if you decide to give it the time of day, you will be surprised to discover just how much this game has to offer. Mass Effect 2 became my second favorite game this generation(behind Metal Gear Solid 4), which is also a Western RPG. However after playing Oblivion again today, I have fell in love with the game once again, and to this day I cannot deny that it was the best Western RPG made this generation. It is a bold claim to make, so what kind of so called journalist would I be if didn't try to back it up? Well here are a few reasons why Elder Scrolls: Oblivion is so great.

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renegade3032d ago

I think Fallout 3 is better, but i like oblivion the game was awesome.

WildArmed3032d ago

I think Mass Effect is a better Western RPG.

On the Japanese side: Demons Souls like many of you have pointed out.

ryano232773032d ago

Fallout 3 is up there with one of my all time favourites.

Oblivion when I put it in, I could immediately see the similarities between Fallout 3 & Oblivion - Fallout 3 had a better world setting to me, as I've never been a fan of wizards and stuff like that, same reason Dragon Age didn't really appeal.

Mass Effect I haven't played, but I will one of these days.

PS3Freak3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

It's tough for me to say whether i like Fallout 3 or Oblivion more. I'm playing Fallout 3 right now and i freaking love it, but it is hard to compare since i havn't played oblivion in years(first game i got for ps3 along with resistance back in 07).

I do know that i have spent a ridiculous amount of hours playing both.

lowcarb3032d ago

I give the edge to Oblivion over Fallout but teach each his own. My only wish is for Fable to one day have an open world with the scope of Oblivion.

pain777pas3032d ago

For 360 early adopters this was the game to play and is still the overall deepest and best western RPG. Mass Effect has so many people you cannot talk to nor interact with. Oblivion is the game that nailed immersion. I have the game for 360, PS3 and PC. Seriouly I am that crazy about this game and I got the games in that very order as well. Fallout was just to depressing. However with mods on a PC version of the game I would probably change my tune.

Tony P3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

One reason alone imo: mods. There are RPGs with better stories and gameplay... But none as expandable or with the same scope.

I enjoy ME2, Dragon Age, Witcher, and assorted non-WRPGs... But Oblivion outlasts them all. You usually can't get that much replayability without going online. It's like getting an MMO's worth of content in a single-player game. And without a monthly fee.

JoySticksFTW3032d ago

As soon as I got out of the sewers, I just jumped into all of the side-quests, guild quests, dungeon exploration, etc that I could.

I have my Gray Fox cowl, became the Arena grand champion, fully leveled up, easily drained over a 100 hrs into the game, caused wide spread chaos in towns, and I don't think that I've seen one Oblivion gate open up yet.

That's how amazing this game is.

It still calls to me

EvilBlackCat3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )


ASSASSYN 36o3032d ago

Yeah I think Fallout 3 is better.

mugoldeneagle033032d ago

I loved Fallout 3 just as much as you all, but Oblivion is probably still my most played PS3 game to this day and I haven't played it in at least a year maybe two. It was one of those titles that came out while the PS3 library was still "shallow" along with RB6 Vegas and before Warhawk and I logged some serious hours.

There are a lot of good RPG's though that have come out the last few years...It's definitely a tough call

aaron58293032d ago

I loved Oblivion's environments more...

Although i finished Fallout 3, i'm not a big fan of the environment.

The first time i played Oblivion, i was in awe ! for Fallout.. it's more greyish, everything is dead... looks boring.

but as a game overall, i prefered oblivion.

ReservoirDog3163032d ago

Just finished Mass Effect 2 today. I would say it was better than Oblivion but Oblivion was one of the most important games I've played this gen. I'll probably think back on this gen years down the line and remember the first time I walked out into the actual map. I was just about speechless.

Mass Effect 2 was technically better though. In nearly every way.

Still waiting on fallout 3 GOTY edition's price to drop. So can't really give much of an opinion on fallout 3. Doubt it's better than either though.

The Maxx3032d ago

MASS EFFECT took best WRPG long ago.

WildArmed3031d ago

dont you mean in Jan of 2010 -.-

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-MD-3032d ago

Oblivion was a failure in my eyes. Best western rpg would go to Mass Effect 2.

pxpxp3032d ago

Sucks that you are blind.

-MD-3032d ago

I have my dog log me into N4G to post. How did you figure me out?

aaron58293032d ago

i didnt know opinion had eyes.... :)

BWS19823032d ago

have fanboy goggles on. Why can't you temper that BS like you do on CAG?

-MD-3032d ago know me on CAG? How......

silvacrest3032d ago

mass effect is a good RPG
mass effect 2 is a third person shooter

i would call neither of them the best western RPG

my vote goes to fallout 3

The Maxx3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )


Mass Effect is in 3rd person and is a shooter WRPG
Mass Effect 2 is in 3rd person and is a shooter WRPG

and Fallout 3 is also in 3rd person and is a shooter WRPG

Are you sure you played Fallout 3?

Anyways like I stated above. Mass Effect is by far a much better WRPG than Fallout 2 and Oblivion.

silvacrest3031d ago

what i meant by my comment is mass effect 2 had alot of RPG elements stripped out plus, you could auto level up from start to finish if you wanted, that just seems wrong to have in a RPG

and yes, i played fallout 3, the fact that its in first person mode does not change anything either, in case you were wondering

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halojunkie3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

oblivion. off topic though, the best rpg is Demons Souls.

detroitkid3032d ago

Have they forgotten Demon Souls

SwiffEpics3032d ago

@ Detroitkid Thats a Japanese made RPG

Faztkiller3032d ago (Edited 3032d ago )

Its Japanese made RPG but to me it felt like a WRPG I rented the game and loved it but it was just to hard for me I play for like 15 hours and i didn't even make it past the Giant Knight so i gave up LOL

PandemicPrawn03032d ago

I loved Oblivion. Great RPG.

But I'm currently playing Fallout 3 for the first time and it's rocking my world.

Personally I think The Mass Effect series will be the best WRPG games for a long time to come.

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