Gamefly Daily Deals Summary for Wed-Thurs

"Gamefly has notified us that they will be offering daily deals with FREE shipping on select pre-played games!

Deals valid through 4pm EST Thursday!

All Gamefly pre-played games are pre-inspected, come with a new case and manual and are 100% guaranteed.

FYI - you don't have to be a current rental member to get in on these deals!

Order now before the selection thins out!

Check it out:

•Need for Speed Shift (Xbox 360) - $12.99
•Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Nintendo DS) - $14.99
•Batman: Arkham Asylum - $17.99"

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Neo Nugget3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Yay for gamefly dollars :D

I got Prototype for 5 bucks last week with my gamefly dollars. Can't beat that, right?

feelintheflow3002d ago

Its a good service, just where I live it takes like 5 days to get a game. When I lived in California it was 1 day, so it ended up not being worth it.

mikeslemonade3002d ago

Yea I can beat that. Tekken 6 for $12. Tekken 6 came out in October and Prototype came out in the summer, and I didn't use the gamefly dollars.