Digging Through Club Nintendo's Crap To Find A Gem

RoboAwesome writes: "You've probably seen leaflets printed with seemingly random numbers and letters in various games Nintendo has either developed, published, or distributed. No, they're not disposable coasters; they are codes that can be used to register products you purchased with Nintendo.

You get "coins", which are points that can be spent on Nintendo's long-forgotten loyalty program just for registering a game or piece of hardware.

Players quickly grew tired of these virtual items, especially when noticing the real-life swag that was being dished out to other countries, and Nintendo responded to these complaints by adding things other than digital doodads."

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hatchimatchi3000d ago

I'm holding out to see what the platinum reward is for this fiscal year. I have about 500 points at the moment. Hopefully I can reach the 800 mark with Mario galaxy 2, sin & punishment 2 & Metroid: Other M.