Black Nintendo Wii Bundle And Release Date Confirmed

Ironstar: "Its true, the new sexy black Nintendo Wii is heading to the US, our source has just confirmed."

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ReBurn3036d ago

I like the black one. Not enough to buy a new one, but I like it.

frankymv3036d ago

you cannot put "wii" and "sexy" in the same sentence.

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VileAndVicious3036d ago

about this? It will probably sell about a million... lol

Handhelds_FTW3036d ago

Stores will sell out pretty damn quick.

N4g_null3035d ago

I think I'm getting one for the car since it plugs into my laptops monitor now. I got a TV out and input RGB cable for it. Works great! I fly way too much these days and need a travel system. Missing out on so many games but work is good!

Are_The_MaDNess3035d ago

got this already here in EU hahahahaha

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