Between Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo: Who Had The Best Press Conference?

Ars Technica Reports:

While not a regular Showdown, Ben and Frank do get together to sound off on the big three press conferences. Who came out on top?

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Lord Anubis3970d ago

I haven't watch the nintendo press conference so I can't comment but I like echochrome.

PS360PCROCKS3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I didn't watch any of them to be completely honest...

edit:: someone disagreed because I said I didn't watch any of them? hmm ok

Russbomb3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

I think the person's point was that you had no point to make.

But even though I am biased toward sony I think they were the most impressive, It was all about games games games, and not about "we've sold more consoles in 33 weeks than any..." or "our third party titles were 18... zilch ni..."
the first parts of nintendos and microsofts press confrences made me want to invest in their stock rather than buy they systems.
and they were boring.

The wii fit was pretty cool but I don't think that gamers will want to play with it,
And I'm being completly honest when I say that I don't think that anyone other than people with weight problems will want to play it. I'm being honest.

And microsofts made me feel like I was waiting for some big announcement that never came, you expected everything that happened, new GOW stuff Halo 3 footage and some XBLA games.
the disney stuff came out of nowhere and didn't impress me because I can just net flix them but the new game pad was the only big thing, I mean really can any xbot point out anything else big?

Also Peter moore being terrible at rock band saying "let me back in" and pausing the game twice made me have respect for him because he realizes that there is no low that he can't go and made me want to watch law and order.

But Haze UT3 and MGS4 exclusivity really impressed me. But I am sad that Hideo Kojima will never get to do a 360 game like he said he wanted to do. Oh well he'll go out with a bang.

sa_nick3970d ago

I watched them all and Sony's was definitely the stand out one.

Microsoft talked too much about 3rd party games and had features on games that weren't even exclusives.

Nintendo had some cool Mario stuff, a sweet gun and then a bunch of crap like aerobics and cook books on your DS.

Sony focused on exclusives, PSP lite and had Chewbacca. <--- winner

ben hates you3970d ago

1 sony
2 microsoft
3 nintendo

but my expectations were much higher for all of them i kind had a let down, i was expecting a lot more new IP's

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