Android 2.2, codename Froyo, to ship with Flash support

Speaking to the New York Times, Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin confirmed that the next version of Android will ship with built-in support for Adobe's Flash runtime.

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man0fsteel3036d ago

i've been waiting for flash support for my amazing Nexus One

TheIneffableBob3036d ago

Buying myself a Droid Incredible tomorrow. :D

XxRoosterxX3036d ago

Long live the superior HTML 5.0!!!!!!

Raypture3036d ago

Enjoy not being able to use most things on the internet if you don't want to use flash. They'll live alongside eachother for a while unless adobe gets its act together, which they haven't had together for a long time. with their largest application photoshop not much new has been added in the last four versions, and it's became incredibly bloated in those last four versions.

DevastationEve3036d ago

Us Droid Eris users are still waiting on Verizon giving us our supposed ota to 2.1

God dammit fugginshit, they lie don't they.

tinybigman3036d ago

do you have verizon because i have the droid itself and it's updated to 2.1? i thought both models got updated at the same time.

rawrockkillz3036d ago

Yep waiting for the 2.1 update for my Droid Eris as well. I want my update dang it!

aCHU3036d ago

INCREDIBLE tomorrow baby woohoo!.. allthough i loooved my Moto droid.
built in Radio so thanx HTC :)