ModNation Racers TVspot to debut on SouthPark.

"KB's ModNation spot debuts to the masses tonight on @SouthPark. Hopefully it won't get bleeped for no good reason." Kevin Butler

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Nicholas Cage2825d ago

nobody can advertise like him. period!
also, games like this sell very well, look at mario kart.

RememberThe3572825d ago

That was pretty damn funny.

pxpxp2825d ago

one letter and one number: E3

nuff said

feelintheflow2825d ago

WTH Oh well, funny commercial.

-Alpha2825d ago

ahahahahaha, he poked at Comedy Central's Muhammad fiasco.

Butler is funny.

Note though, that he is an actor who portrays the character Kevin Butler. Many people think he is real.

I saw him in a Capital One commercial too.

pxpxp2825d ago

I bet you like telling kids that santa is not real. (goes off to cry in the corner)

-Alpha2825d ago

I was bullied as a child. It's only natural that I become a bully myself.

Now let me tell you about the Easter Bunny.

goflyakite2825d ago


At first I though it was in the episode.


f7897902825d ago

Kevin Butler + "It Only Does Everything" = Great Advertising

mastiffchild2825d ago

Well, at least SCEA give you US guys a decent set of adverts these days but every time I see the one you lot get it just worries me even more what nonsense our lot at SCEE will come out with. Prolly the same scrap book dog mess with the same bored sounding/arrogant/asleep bloke talking on top of video that even made U2 look like a PS1 game. God SCEE how can you lot turn up to full Sony meetings? You must get laughed at like mad.

SCEE have the talent in the dev dept(LBP,Wipeout, KZ2 etc)but in treating their gamers well, advertising and the like they're hopeless. It's one of the biggest shocks to me that the EU somehow manages to support Sony better than anywhere else(percentage wise).

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TOO PAWNED2825d ago

I just dont see this selling well.

Otheros002825d ago

Just like you name says you are getting pawned too hard.

MajestieBeast2825d ago

Thats what people said about heavy rain look how that turned out.

Blaze9292825d ago

Is South Park's audience really the audience that will buy this game? Seems odd. But I guess Sony know's what they are doing.

saint_john_paul_ii2825d ago

if you are expecting halo numbers, then you are way out of your mind. it will sell its million copies. this is a new IP remember that.

Odin7772825d ago

@Blaze I watch South Park and I will buying this game...but I think South Park's main audience ranges between college age people and 14 year olds who think Mr. Hanky is I'm not sure there.

f7897902825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

It's a guaranteed rent and possibly a buy. I need some good multiplayer games for the summer.

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Aclay2825d ago

I already saw this commercial last night while watching one of the NBA Playoff games on TNT... I was quite surprised to see Modnation Racers having TV Ad's so early. Sony should really start advertising their games earlier like this, especially for new IP's like ModNation.

k2802825d ago

i was going to say the same thing!

unrealgamer582825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

you mean 18-34 year olds who care about having fun with the core gameplay Instead of how the game may looks, Then yeah It will sell. -_-

RememberThe3572825d ago

They are probably geared toward similar demographics so it does make sense.

TheHater2825d ago

I saw the TV spot during the Thunder VS Lakers game last night on TNT.

k2802825d ago

so did i. dont know what up with the disagree