Why the Supreme Court vote matters to gamers and parents alike

The United States Supreme Court has decided to hear arguments and rule on proposed regulation of sales of violent video games in the state of California in the latest bout of government control vs. free speech. Icrontic digs in to explain what this law will mean to you as a gamer.

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Cliff Forster3002d ago

Seriously, all you spoiled little brats trying to pull a fast one over by trying to sneak your M rated games past the GameStop clerk. Spoiled brats! Look what you have done! The ESRB was doing a fantastic job while you all whined a cried that you had to get Mommy and Daddy's permission to buy a game, oh we all hate the ESRB and its ratings system, its sooooo unfair, cry me a freakin river.....

Now look what you brats have done. Now its in the hands of the highly socially conservative US Supreme Court. I hope you noobs are happy. Spoiled brats!