Developers Overlooking PS3 Features And Functionality?

Ironstar writes: "Despite all the touted features of PlayStation 3 there are arguably some features or functionality that aren't used much or as well as they should be. Of course the primary noted features of Sony's super console are Blu-Ray, Bluetooth, HDMI 1.3, 3D (future upgrade), and the PlayStation Network. All those features make the PlayStation 3 an excellent console without a doubt, although from a development perspective I feel there is a lot more that can be achieved or better executed with the console."

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PirateThom3004d ago

Youtube uploading is obvious. To record and encode a video ready for upload, it takes system resources and, if the game suffers, it's not worth it.

-Alpha3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

It's the one feature I wish games could manage to do. EcoChrome did it but how amazing of a feature would it be if most games had it? It's totally better than Cross Game Chat IMO and it makes the PSN superior to LIVE by that feature alone.

I really wish more games could utilize it. If it's a financial/resource issue I hope PSN Premium allows for more usage.

It'd be great to see the feature in games like BC2. I have always loved the inclusion of the feature but the lack of use is disappointing.

ryhanon3004d ago

Yeah, it's a really cool feature, I don't know that I'd go so far as to say it makes "PSN superior to LIVE" though.

Personally the one feature I think could be better utilized is Home integration. As it stands right now, I think Home is little more than a mediocre distraction. It bugs me more than any other feature about the PS3/PSN though because of all the potential it has that is going unrealized. When people criticize it, Sony generally says something about how they've "provided the tools" and it's the "developer's responsibility to take advantage of them" - while I can sympathize with that, I think Sony needs to remember that they produce and publish games of their own, and could do themselves a favor by showing developers how it's done. They need to produce something that takes advantage of what they've built with Home so that other developers take notice and it starts to grow and thrive beyond the experiment it is right now.

Sony has had the trump card on XBL for a *long* time, they just haven't played it yet.

-Alpha3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )


I meant just in features: The only MAJOR difference is cross game chat and party functionality and even that, to me, is something I don't use often (though it is nice). For me Youtube uploading would be much more beneficial. I LOVE watching back recorded games and saving good moments in games.

OnLive is going to have it, and it's disappointing that PS3 wont push it. I'd love for their exclusives to incorporate it, especially for Killzone 3, considering it lacks features like a shooter like Halo (split screen, user generated content, etc). Unfortunately Sony can't even get all their games to have universal music. It's irritating to say the least. If there is one thing about the 360's LIVE it's that it's much more organized

Edit: Yeah man I agree. I prefer PSN because I have my friends on it. I like LIVE, but it's not worth the money. I love Halo and how the LIVE features are integrated. Hopefully we see more features added now that the original XBOX LIVE is dead.

ryhanon3004d ago

Fair enough.

I honestly have a hard time deciding which online service I like more than the other, I probably I lean more toward XBL though, despite the price. Each service has upsides and downsides though. Ironically enough, sometimes the upsides can even be seen as downsides - everyone on XBL has a mic, for instance... there's the ease of communication, and then there's - well... the ease of communication... a blessing and a curse.

RememberThe3573004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

If Killzone 2 can do it the I'm damn sure that MAG, Battlefield, or anyone else, can do it. I'm not concerned with how many resources they have or how much the developer loves their soundtrack. I don't even want it in the single player, I just want it in the multi-player. I mean, come on, 2pac and Killzone 2 coming out of the same speakers. That sh*t goes hard.

FarEastOrient3004d ago

Several developers are not using many of the features already installed on the PS3s and that includes Sony's own first-party game developers. They are probably thinking more of how much would it cost to spend time using such features or if the customers are going to use them at all.

Some of the features not used or ?something?

Playstation Home integration (several features us original beta testers used that is not available to the public)

Screen capture (Only a few games use something so simple)

Twitter, Facebook, Youtube (Already on the console, only a few games use it)

AdHoc Party for the PSP is not used by many games

DVR functions for Europe and Japan, not the United States :(

VoIP and IPTV (limited but getting there)

Printer connection (This one is really for the browser)

Just weird stuff: (Major League Baseball Streaming) is under video
Singstar Video is under games

Above should be under the TV category like my Now.TV from Hong Kong and Play from United Kingdom currently is.

Canada doesn't have access to United States stuff...

Persistantthug3004d ago


Now, I understand if they don't want to put the support in FPS games because it could create a great imbalance, but some games, there just isn't an excuse. (Btw...Unreal Tournament 3 has a K/M option)

Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3....why does it have no K/M support?
Dragon Age Origins....why not?
Various other strategy games...why not?

Developers are totally being lazy and wasting the PS3's powers and feature potential.

badz1493004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

come on, how come this simple feature got so little support? and then, more remote play enabled games! I've been craving for this to happen for years but still just a handfull of games supporting it! - which sucks!

edit: yup kb+mouse too! as optional of course! but I can see that is going to change with Move! SOCOM 4 with move is a great start for Sony IMO!

ZombieNinjaPanda3004d ago

Not trying to hate on halo or anything, but consider all of the effects etc going on in Killzone 2 compared to Halo 3.

If Reach can do it flawlessly however, then you're right.

-Alpha3004d ago

Reach will retain all the features of Halo 3.

I know it'd be impossible on K3, but games like MAG, Resistance, BC2 fail to support it either.

That's why I think Halo is such a great game. It doesn't focus on graphics so much as it does offering a fun and deep gameplay experience.

UltraNova3004d ago

Most developers especially multi platform ones will never put down the effort and time required to implement the features available on the ps3.

Why? because Sony doesn't force them to begin with..

Take MS as an example; from the 360's get go they made it a requirement to have achievements and a robust multilayer in every game which utilized Live's community assets (yes Alan Wake might be the only one that doesn't have multi player I know, how could it anyway?).

So unless Sony decides to 'force' developers like MS does (good for them, I would do it!) then you can forget seeing a developer that supports even half of those extra features.

RageAgainstTheMShine3003d ago

" " support for the six axis functionality in dualshock controllers will die when PlayStation Move releases"

@ Brandon "MyBlasterRunsHot" Brown: nice article you have here

But there is a Little Big Correction I would like to make. The Six-Axis Support is not finished as you guys like to believe! The Playstation Move will make sure the Six-Axis Support will be alive and kicking for hardcore, die hard PS3 geek like moi.

Noticed that li'l sub controller = The NAVIGATION CONTROLLER will have the freaking Six-Freaking-Axis Freaking Support!
In a stroke of genius Sony put it there because the Navigation has "no balls." Most of the Dual shock 3 functionality are present. Ole Kevin Butler's PS Move ad showed the guy playing SOCOM 4 doing a gesture with the Navigation controller- either a grenade throw or a squad call hand gesture.
I have gut feeling that the Six-Axis + button presses on the Navigation controller will mean more game play features on PS Move than Wii or Project Natal. There I spoiled the surprise for the PS3 faithfuls who like to move it, move it! ^_^ "

Dr. Richard Marks & Anton Mikhailov: you are freaking geniuses!

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Cylon3004d ago

Its because of memory limitations, if features were built into the Os like the 360 then stuff like ingame music would be in every single game.

DaTruth3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

It's not built into the OS. MS just forces their features down the throats of every developer. MS has a long list of things you must place in the game to get approval. It's one of the reasons multiplats suffer so badly; Ram is being used on non gaming functions.

Why do you think the 360 OS is so small?

Edit: They are disagreeing because they know it's not true!

Edit2:Wow, that was fast! When you comment, do you sit there for two hours pressing refresh waiting for someone to reply?

Cylon3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

In-game music on the Xbox is a part of the Xbox OS, if you owned a 360 you would know this.

Disagree all you want, but its the truth and you know it.

OpenGL3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

Then why does Gears of War 2 pause your music while loading? I hate to tell you but it is merely a feature Microsoft requires all games to support. How else would the games know to stop the default in-game music when the user selects their own tracks? Sure the music playback might fit into the OS memory footprint (it easily could on the PS3 as well) but the games have to be designed to allow for the music to be played.

ryhanon3004d ago

Sorry man, you lose. There are a whole lot of things that every game is required to support in order to meet approval. Among those items are custom soundtracks and being Live Aware. MS forces this on the developers because of all the criticism they received in the original XBox days when so very few games supported custom soundtracks and/or live awareness, among other functions.

GiantEnemyCrab3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

DaTruth: Actually, I would say they have them built in to the development toolset better than Sony does.

To put an in-game soundtrack into a 360 game is just a matter of using the code provided by MS. Don't mean to over simply it and I am no programmer but it's up to developers to code that stuff for their games on Sony kits. MS is a software company and that is where they excel. Another example is the API's MS provides the web community while Sony has been behind on that.

So I think the dev tool's need to include more and that is on Sony. From what I hear from developer buddies they are always expanding their libraries.

MS does mandate it and their OS is built around that feature to accommodate it and you gotta give MS props for the idea and the way it integrates into the games. I am glad they do because it's an excellent feature and I feel its helped to make the XBL experience better and feel more integrated.

badz1493004d ago

but surprisingly, they dropped the 720p requirement not long ago! what really happen to that? just for the sake of some high profile games?

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Jedward-3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

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GiantEnemyCrab3004d ago (Edited 3004d ago )

You didn't own sh*t when you make up crap to expand your list.

I could say the PS3 kills puppies, causes cancer, YLOD, owned by elitest pricks, no headsets and poor teamwork, removing features, removing USB ports, laggy online, stuck BR discs in front loader drives, inferior online service, non-servicable controllers, dodgy upscaling and screen support for many TV's, broken browser as soon as Flash gets an update(every other month), 560p, 540p, P2P, paying for demos, GT5w (the W stands for WAIT), you bought a PS3 even after the epidemic of PS2 DRE problems that Sony refused to fix..

I guess I could go on making up sh*t as well but it wouldn't own sh*t just like your comment.

(but I know he did ask for it rolling in and trolling)

kissmeimgreek3004d ago

dude. you need to chill out. Go watch some TV, think about your place in life, have an eggo, and try to be a big boy next time you comment.

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