Red Dead's First Seven Hours, Part 1 - AusGamers

AusGamers has posted part 1 of a two part exclusive preview for Red Dead Redemption (spoiler free) where they were given the game for an entire day, unhinged, to take it through its paces. Today's preview focuses on the game's ecology.

From the preview:

"For the sake of truly covering all aspects of the combined mechanics of Red Dead Redemption, we'll spread this coverage over two days, focusing today on the game-world itself, its ecology and relationship with John Marston, and how it manifests into one of the most coherent environments you'll ever experience. Because nothing here is bells, whistles or superfluity; it's engaging, deeply rich and utterly symbiotic to the player..."

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FragMnTagM3002d ago

Can you say awesome? What a long read, but definitely worth it. This game has a shot at GOTY for sure. Can't wait to play it.