Rumor: Sony Japan working on two unannounced titles

With E3 right around the bend, buzz is slowly starting to build up. Earlier this year on GameTrailers TV, SCEA CEO Jack Tretton promised gamers a big E3, saying that all the Move announcements were just "icing on the cake," and that he was saving "the batter" for E3.

Perhaps two of those surprises are coming out of Sony Japan.

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Cylon2765d ago

Only 2?

Sony japan is the worst, aside from gran turismo they have nothing.

PirateThom2765d ago

Team ICO?

Sony Japan are more focused on PSP anyway, LocoRoco, Patapon and what not.

Cylon2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

The game with the giant Cat-rat?

That will definitely be a hit in the west. DEFINITELY.

PirateThom2765d ago

Yep, just like Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, one of the most anticpated games this gen.

Sales hits? Maybe not. Critically acclaimed masterpieces that moved the medium? Definitely.

TOO PAWNED2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )


READ ARTICLE! This GUY happens to work for SOny Japan and HE is working on two unannounced titles. Sony Japan is 600 man team, they have many teams in those 600 ppl, team Saru is team that developed Ape Escape, this guy probably works for them.

Cylon2765d ago

If they have many teams then why has their output been abysmal compared to SCEA and the like?

Darkfocus2765d ago

how could you forget about it. one of if not the best console game this gen.

2765d ago
-MD-2765d ago

I laughed really hard at 1.2's post. Come on it's funny because it's true.

cmrbe2765d ago

It may see that way Cyclon but SCEJ has done alot of games for the PSP which is huge in Japan.

Japan devs this gen in general haven't really pushed out that many games compare to previous gens on home consoles. Handhelds and the wii have dominated Japan for quite a long time now.

Dragun6192765d ago

SCE Japan Studio contains multiple development teams such as Team Ico, Polyphony Digital, and they also co develop with other developers such as Level-5 and From Software. Many of their dev teams spend their time developing games for PSP and PSN.

Questioning their output?, Lets see they have in development
Gran Turismo 5
The Last Guardian
White Knight Chronicles 2
Ape Escape PS3
And if you trust Dengeki Japan which hints that a sequel for a challenging and hard game released last year would be coming out this fall, then Demon's Souls 2 is surely in development.
And if thats not the case, then its good to hear that they have two games in development for the PS3 than the PSP.

kraze072764d ago

You wouldn't have any relations to that guy toaster would you?

skwidd2764d ago

... you guys forget Team Siren?!!!! The only real old fashioned survival horror game rockin' current gen! I hope they announce a new one as it's been confirmed that they are working on something.

-MD-2764d ago

I'm still laughing at 1.2's post. My god.

PopEmUp2764d ago

stop being like a sissy "my GOD", I laugh everytime when some chick at my college keep saying "omg omg" that just lol man oh wait are you a chick? hahhahahahah

bjornbear2764d ago

this is great news

+ why you bashing Sony Japan? don't like Japan? awww pooor bumpkin =(

they release great games, so if you cant stand that, go kill yourself =D

Shadow Flare2764d ago

I remember the day I went into GAME and bought shadow of the collosus. The guy at the counter actually said to me, "i don't think its that good. I think its really boring. All you do is ride a horse and fight some bosses." Seriously, its people like that who just play fps games and nothing else, and their opinion isn't worth a great deal, because its incredibly shallow of them. I'm really looking forward to the last guardian because shadow of the collosus is one of the best gaming experiences i've ever had

gaffyh2764d ago

@murder - stop acting like you are not cylon, it's pretty clear that it is your account. Also it isn't funny, because it's not even true. Go watch the Last Guardian trailers, would have been more accurate if you, sorry he, said bird-rat.


-MD-2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

1.14's - What?

1.17 - "stop acting like you are not cylon, it's pretty clear that it is your account."

LOL you can't be serious. Somebody run an IP check for this guy and tell him how stupid he is. Then somebody else make fun of him for saying pwned in the year 2010.


gaffyh2764d ago

@above - No WAY an IP address can be faked...



-MD-2764d ago (Edited 2764d ago )

Well if they can I wouldn't know how to do it nor care enough to even look up how to do it.

Regardless you're pretty much an idiot for saying "it's pretty clear that it is your account". I don't even know why I'm being compared to cyclone anyways. Is it because I posted after he ran out of bubbles? Is that the basis of your argument?

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Nicholas Cage2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

give me demons souls 2. the game is incredible. its twisted and fair at the same time.

Blaze9292765d ago

Demon's Souls is From Software's game not Sony Japan's

PirateThom2765d ago

Developed by From Software with assistance from SCE Japan and Sony own the IP.

Undoubtedly, if From Software had done it themselves, it would have been as bad as their other games.

Blaze9292765d ago

Sony owns the IP? Really? Got links?

arakouftaian2765d ago

show me any game that has that logo and the IP is not from Sony

PirateThom2765d ago

It's a Sony game, Sony IP, they paid From Software to develop it along with SCEJ. That's pretty much why it's not a "King's Field" game. Sony dropped it because they felt it was a neich title no one outside of Japan would care about, which is why Atlus and Namco Bandai paid to pick it up.

arakouftaian2765d ago

but if you mean that the IP is not from SONY your right Naruto IP is not SONY.

but i was talking about PS3 tittles not Playstation 2.

i could say is a time exclusive and i could emulate any ps3 games in 10 years, whats your point?

Demon Souls is a Playstation exclusive IP.
that was my point.

Blaze9292765d ago

you disagree fanboys are just sad....

Action GO FIGURE2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )



presto7172765d ago

That is the risk of asking for proof in the form of links. When the other guy knows what he's saying, he can just turn around and OWN you like Thom did.

Exquisik2765d ago

It's also on this list...

In case you missed it, it's before 'Destruction Derby' and after 'Dark Cloud.'

bjornbear2764d ago

Blaze - disagree fanboys this time aren't sad

you were wrong, so people disagree'd with you

WOW imagine that =O

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Nicholas Cage2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

i can only imagine what the next demons souls will be like. perhaps egypt? or a different time frame? that would be incredible.

Cylon2765d ago

Only SCEA has done well this gen, sony japan as well as sony europe have both been miserable failures.

For next-gen sony should just close sony japan and sony europe, and put all of their money into SCEA.

PirateThom2765d ago

Sony Europe:

Killzone 2
WipEout HD

TOO PAWNED2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

God Of war
to name a few

also add
Heavy rain
Heavenly Sword
Killzone 2
WipEout HD

Demon Souls
aka LAME except DS

but who knows maybe its their time, not so long ago Yoshueida said that SCEJ will be switching their focus from PSP to PS3.

Blaster_Master2765d ago

Besides the GT series, Motorstorm and wipeout are my favorite racers ever made.

cmrbe2765d ago

on Sony's part. PS is a global brand with diverse gaming for gamers from different backgrounds. That has always been the hallmark of the PS brand. Its whyt the PS is strong in every region.

Ilikegames762765d ago

does MS have again? How about Nintendo? How many first party developers did MS closed out again?

kraze072764d ago

Siren wasn't really all that bad.

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Cajun Chicken2765d ago

I do believe you peeps are forgetting Ape Escape.