Heroes of Newerth Retail Launch Announced

Heroes of Newerth has been in beta for a long time, and now it's ready to unleash it's team-based RTS/RPG action into the real world. That's right - Heroes of Newerth has an official launch date, and it's soon - Wednesday, May 12th.

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KillaManiac3004d ago

This is a great game that took all the idea from Dota (W3 mod).

Already pre purchased!

Cant wait for retail so all the retarded leavers and feeders can crawl under a rock.

593004d ago

HON is a horrible game.
50% of my deaths are due to a stun class chain stunning me
the other 50 are due to 2/3/4v1's..Hell I have been 5v1'd before.

Terribly balenced & downright bad.
Also, I love how this game is based around running in a fight...Every "good" player ive encountered in a gigantic psy that just runs all the time.

Nihilism3004d ago

Does this game have any solo player skirmish elements ?

I get that it is primarily online based, but if there is progressive levelling elements offline, then it is a buy for me

ilikecookies3003d ago

sadly there isn't... It would be great if there was though.

3004d ago