Halo: Reach Beta Launch Details Revealed - Playlists, Free Xbox LIVE Weekend & Video Tutorials

Microsoft has officially revealed the launch details of the upcoming beta testing phase for Halo: Reach, set to launch this coming Monday, 3rd May 2010. Along with announcing the scheduled for the beta and a free weekend of Xbox LIVE for Halo gamers, it has been revealed that Aisha Tyler will star a video introduction to the beta starring the actress, viewable exclusively through the Halo 3: ODST game disc starting tomorrow.

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NateNater2854d ago

Sounds like a fun if only I had an xbox 360 :-P

halojunkie2854d ago

cant wait for reach! if we can get killzone 3 out as well this year im going to become a couch potato

2854d ago
TROLL EATER2854d ago

well sounds like it will atleast be 3 weeks. cnt wait

aviator1892854d ago

They just announced that it will be running for 17 days, a little over 2 weeks. Makes sense, it's about the same length as Halo 3 beta.

ShOtCall3r332854d ago

same here... i like the class system that they have

Agheil2854d ago


MerkinMax2854d ago

Posting in every Halo article isn't changing anyone's opinions about this game, why do you do it? Honestly, why do you keep doing it?

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The story is too old to be commented.