Leaked Dead Space 2 trailer

A leaked Dead Space 2 trailer surfaced today, and we have it below (until EA takes it down). The game is looking great so far, and we even get a chance to see Isaac's face.

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Sillyace922860d ago

Looks more or less the same, still pumped about it though. Got the first one on day one.

Rumor2859d ago



PlainOldGamer2859d ago

Looks very promising. The first was great especially the sound. But until EA takes it down..? That made me lol.

bunfighterii2859d ago

I dunno about that...

It doesn't seem creepy anymore, that was like the trailer to an action game.

I'll reserve judgement.


Well honestly how much more different did you expect it to look ?

I am loving it, the way his helmet folds out of his suit it wicked. kind of reminded me of the first dark sector demo almost.

The first game is till my No1 new IP this gen and this looks to be a great sequel.

Rumor2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

over uncharted?....interesting. cant blame a man for his personal preference :)

and @bunfighterii
i realize where your coming from, it does seem to be in the action state now. still INSANE nonetheless :)

DARK WITNESS2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

@ Rumor

" Over Uncharted "... in one word YES !

Uncharted 1 and 2 were great games, I will not take anything away from them. I have played both and love both... but there are a lot of other factors that I could go on all day about which make a game truly great, and in my humble opinion I think a lot of people spout off Uncharted is the best game ever and all that simply because it's exclusive and has good graphics. I am not saying all of it's fans are that way, but thats how a good number of them seem to come across.

I own both systems, but do like my 360 more. my love of Dead Space was not just some preference over ps3 games or anything. If you remember Dead Space came out the same year that Fallout 3, Gears 2, Resistance 2, Fable 2 all came out and I would say It was my favorite game over all of those as well. I do like Dead Space more then any 360 exclusive I have played so far this gen.

Long story short, Uncharted was great, but it was not the be all and end all of gaming for me.

it is all personal opinion. Just like with Movies, I love Sci-fi themes more then any other movie type and the same goes for games. Between it's story, art style, theme etc I liked Dead space over just about everything. let me put it this way.. I love the Indiana Jones films, but I love films like Aliens, Predator, Star Wars ( not the last rubbish 3 ) etc because I love the whole Sci-fi theme a lot more.

So the above reason alone will kind of always swing me towards liking games like that a lot more. again, it's all just personal preference.


And just to add to that, Did dead space have the coolest navigation system in a game or what !

They were able to guide you round the ship and show you were to go in a way that totally fitted in with the games theme and without making you feel like a noob.

one thing that has put me off this gen is big flashing pointing arrows that tell me where to go. it just takes me out of the experience. I loved the way you did everything in dead space without taking you out of the game. anyway... I could go on and on.. as you can prob imagine.

FOXDIE2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

im pumped for this one too, the first one was a hell of a ride, the second I hope tops it! :D


I agree on many points, imo Dead space has renewed the horror genre, much more. And its even heads and shoulders above RE5 (which was crap to be honest).

Redrum0592859d ago

played the first, enjoyed it, buying this one... that is all

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Wolfie2859d ago

OMG Isaac is hot hawt and smexy ^^

krisq2859d ago

"We all gonna burn for what we did to you"...

C L O U D2859d ago

All I think of is Optimus Prime but nevertheless it is a good trailer.

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