Alan Wake is Region Free

WorthPlaying writes, "Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake is set for release in Europe and America in mid-May, with a Japanese release scheduled for the end of the month. While most gamers won't mind waiting for the official release in their country, those that just have to have it as soon as possible will be pleased to know that the US version of Alan Wake is region-free."

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Blaze9292914d ago

Funny...was arguing with people on this site and got slammed with like 100 disagrees for saying (with facts and links) the 360 is also a region free console.

now what? -_-...nvm, I know what's coming :-(

Fishy Fingers2914d ago

Many are yes, there's a list if them and their regions here

Not sure how up to date it is, but it a good way to show your point anyway.

Syriel2914d ago

The Xbox 360 is not a region free console (every single one has a region code) however the games themselves can be region free.

The choice to make a game region free or region locked is completely up to the publisher.

ClownBelt2914d ago

Well that maybe because you're spewing bs and lies. lol

PirateThom2914d ago

The 360 isn't a region free console, that's just nonsense.

If I buy a Japanese 360 it won't play UK games. On the flip side, a Japanese PS3 will play UK games.

It has region free games, don't make a bigger deal of it than it is, region free DVDs exist as well, but that doesn't make every DVD player region free.

FantasyStar2914d ago

360 consoles itself is region-locked. Whether the games are region-locked is up to the developers/publishers to decide.

This has been well-established since early 2006.

hoskind12914d ago

360 is a region locked console

Just because there are some Region Free games doesn't mean anything.

Good news for pirates though =\

GiantEnemyCrab2914d ago

Yes, the 360 is a region locked console but there are region free games. You cannot take an NA console to EU and go and buy a PAL game and expect it to play.

The PS3 on the other hand is region free.

Syriel2914d ago

@hoskind Why would you say that?

A game being region free has absolutely -ZERO- to do with piracy.

kingdavid2914d ago


That aint true at all. If that game is region free it will work. I have bought a tonne of games from the US and Asia which work on my PAL console because they state theyre region free.

no_more_trolling2914d ago

u r wrong
the 360 is a region locked console

but the games can be region free

the usa xbox 360 cannot play a pal region locked game dvd

GiantEnemyCrab2914d ago

King David: If the game is PAL it will not play on an NTSC or NTSC-J 360 console and vice versa.

You are correct that you can buy a REGION FREE game and use it on any console. However, I'm talking about PAL vs NSTC vs NTSC-J vs Region Free.

The console itself is region locked but the games can very. You can not buy a NSTC or NSTC-J release and play it on your PAL 360.

TreMillz2914d ago

Its not like its releasing in JP or EU only. Most 360 owners are in the statesm and isn't the major regions getting it anyways? NA, EU, JP?

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Godmars2902914d ago

Is the game releasing in Europe at a later date?

Fishy Fingers2914d ago

Earlier, EU gets it 4 days before the US, 14th as opposed to 18th, although shipping would take over 4 days so not worth the hassle.

Japan gets it later though I believe.

Syriel2914d ago

Japan/Asia/Australia don't get it until the end of May. Two weeks after the rest of the world.

It's also a plus if you're a fan of Japanese shooters and happen to have a JPN Xbox 360 as your primary console here in the US.

Japanese developers seem to like region locking their stuff, while a lot of western publishers don't.


a silent hill 1 knock off with high rez. flash light anyone. really what is the big deal about this games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o yah, i bet the xbox cheerleaders will tell me.

playstation_clan2914d ago

I do agree, not because i love my ps3 but i do remember people calling uc2 a gears rip-off (which is retarded) but now MS is doing no difference, am I right or am I right?

supersonicsaga2914d ago


I always thought that once hackers found a way to break the region code, hacks are easier to be made. This is why the ps3 wasn't hacked when it was released.

Syriel2914d ago

Nope. The two are completely unrelated on the Xbox 360.

DJRock762914d ago (Edited 2914d ago )

Fact that it is region free means if US version leaks first any pirate can play it.

Strikepackage Bravo2914d ago

HDDVD was region free and Blueray is not, HDDVD still failed.

Ilikegames762914d ago

Most Blu-ray is region-free.

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