Dead to Rights: Retribution GAC Pack artworks and screenshots released

New artworks and screenshots from the upcoming GAC Pack DLC for Dead to Rights: Retribution.

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GAM3R7l3003d ago

...for a game that got ZERO marketing, ZERO hype, ZERO press from ANY major magazine or website...and released this week with ZERO announcements. They'll be lucky to sell 150k copies...hardly worth investing in the creation of DLC. FAIL.

badz1493003d ago (Edited 3003d ago )

at least none of which I'm aware of! I've seen the game being sold at my local game store yesterday but I was still on the fence about it! I love the one on PS2 and XBOX and would reaally love to try this but there's no clue or what so ever! the only thing which is certain, graphically it's nothing special but most importantly, I would love to know how it plays and overall review!

edit: scratch that! went to IGN and it got 6.0!