Kratos Twin Brother Revealed? *Spoilers* Spartans Stand Tall Analysis

Ironstar: "At first impressions the newly updated Spartans Stand Tall website features the sound of wind, pouring rain with thunder, and half of a male head (that seems to be Kratos'). If you take a close look at the image seen you'll notice something very odd about the rain in the center and slightly towards the bottom right"

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Agent_Cody_Banks2788d ago

His name is Martin Shoemeister and he can be seen wearing a zoot suit when hes out hitting up the Los Angele's clubs.

Sunny_D2788d ago

What the hell? What are you doing outside of the forums? Your insane mind shouldn't be wandering outside the boundaries.

Demons Souls2788d ago

His brother's name is Sotark.

OGharryjoysticks2788d ago

Kratos brother's name is Guido

HammockGames2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

<=== Yeah, it's me.

And for the record, I go by Hansel. You can just call me Hans.

But I'll warn you - call me Frans and I'll rip your f'n head off and stick it up a minotaur's arse (rage runs in the family)

UnSelf2788d ago

i concur

back to the forums gravy.

interrergator2788d ago

i always thought that everytime kratos always says chaos i figured that would be his brothers name but idk lol

HolyOrangeCows2788d ago

Perhaps it's just Kratos before becoming Ares' slave.

doeman2788d ago

the dumbass who submitted this garbage doesn't know how to appropriately title things. the "spoiler" (even though i don't believe this useless crap) is IN THE TITLE.
jeez >_>;

WildArmed2788d ago

Or maybe it's Kratos when he was a kid?
Most anticipated E3 announcement yet for me!

N4BmpS2788d ago

I'm not to sure if anyone knows this but if you watch "Birth of the Beast" on the GoWCollection they do mention and show Kratos' brother he was in Hades I think since he died but he never ran into him in any of the games which makes me think "Where the heck is this guy hiding" he apparently was waiting to exact his revenge on Kratos so I think there's something there to the article it's kind of weird and creepy.

avengers19782788d ago

Anyone that has the god of war collection should've already known about Kratos' brother.
Now let's get a trilogy about Him...The pure evil more kick-ass version of Kratos.

young juice2788d ago

"The pure evil more kick-ass version of Kratos"

the chuck norris of greek mythology.

llMurcielagoll2788d ago

When you mentioned the Zoot suit you reminded me of Tom & Jerry, The Zoot Cat episode! XD

Beast_Master2788d ago

I like the duel weilding swords instead of the blades of Chaos. Will be interesting to see how they use them in combat bc the blades will be real hard to replace.

Obama2787d ago

his name is robert paulson

ThanatosDMC2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

It's probably Scrootie McBoogerballs... the most disgusting person known to man.

Sarcasm2787d ago

"The pure evil more kick-ass version of Kratos"

Wait wait wait wait... So Kratos kills every god of olympus, stabbed a Titan in the head, rips everything with two, four, and zero legs in half, casually kills women, bashed hercules in the face until there's nothing left, killed the hydra, killed the kraken, killed Zeus and then Killed his soul that came out from Zeus's dead body...

and that isn't "kick-ass" enough???????????

N4BmpS2787d ago

Yeah he's still kick-ass but Kratos isn't 100 percent evil his brother on the other hand is pure evil at this point. Which means there is absolutely no attachments for him.

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Gandalf2788d ago

"Kratos! Your brother has returned. I bring the destruction..... of whatever that's left at the end of God of War III!"

GiantEnemyCrab2788d ago

Maybe he is an exterminator? They've got a serious bug problem now. ;)

Downtown boogey2787d ago

"I bring the destruction....." of chaos?

Raimond2788d ago

I was waiting for info on this! Assumed E3 though...

Anarki2788d ago

His name.......................... Chuck Norris

Sigh2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

the unknown figure looks to be as epic as kratos, no surprise, they have the same blood :D

edit: Now that I take a closer look at it... it's obvious it's a younger Kratos. Gonna be interesting playing him being young.

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