GameKult Review: Neir

GameKult: What happens when he meets an albino warrior father failed in a godforsaken village, just as his daughter's white hair ill with a mortal, a maiden half-human half-demon as vulgar as well rolled, the magic books talkative and evil shadows of various shapes.

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Demons Souls2948d ago

After all, Square-Enix is racist. We aren't getting Nier Replicant in the West because Square-Enix thinks we all only play as guys with huge muscles and they think we're all homophobes. I could see why this would be the case for 360 owners but not everyone.

pxpxp2948d ago

The graphics are pretty bad, gameplay seems to be flawed, and it just looks like SE is pushing out games to make a quick buck.

Baba19062947d ago

yeah if it looked better i would have considered maybe. but the look of it jsut turned off. maybe its jsut the fact that the colors are so boring. it just doesnt make me want it.