IGN: Red Dead Redemption Extended Hands-on

IGN writes - "SPOILER ALERT: The following article goes in-depth with the first six hours of Red Dead Redemption's story. Needless to say, if you want those first six hours fresh best look the other way for the next two pages.

There's a lot that's familiar about Red Dead Redemption. No surprise, perhaps – after years of playing Rockstar's open world games we've a fair inkling of what to expect, but the mimicry of Grand Theft Auto IV in the opening minutes of Redemption is more than a mere wink and nudge to the studio's last big outing. Our hero makes his entrance on a boat brimming with undesirables and immigrants, setting shore on a land that's rich with opportunities for both the enterprising and the straight-up conniving. He's here to re-establish contact with someone who played big in the dark history that he's desperate to put behind him."

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