(RUMOR) Rumblaxis coming in September -- Tokyo Game Show

A lot of people were disappointed that Sony's little conference at E3 didn't talk about the upcoming "Rumblaxis" controller but PS3 Fanboy was not surprised. They have been informed that Immersion has filed for some patents and with it, indirectly filed for the release dates of their new Sony peripheral device that "will now bear Immersion's Feel The Game® TouchSense® Technology logo." When are these peripherals to be released? September.

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FordGTGuy3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )


chubbyman3572d ago

i think itl be pronounced RUM-BLAX-ISS

SimmoUK3572d ago

It's got the new touchsense technollogy that immersion has been developing for a while, i'm interested in how good and different it feels...

Le-mo3572d ago

Am I the only one that doesn't like the name Rumblaxis?

Umbrella Corp3572d ago

the name sounds UGLY but i am proud to announce im not a wii60 fanboy any more and im will purchase a ps3 when they lower the price

actionjackson3572d ago

Royal Rumble, the Ultimate Warrior edition. j/k.

THC CELL3572d ago

the games i play like Rainbow are rubbish without rumble.

I really cant wait to have that feeling back in games

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The story is too old to be commented.