XXLGaming: Alan Wake Hands On Preview

XXLGaming writes, "We have been playing the game and loving every minute of it. It was hard to put down just to write this preview. Check out our spoiler free preview. It wasn't easy to keep spoiler free, but trust us. The game is good."

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OGharryjoysticks3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Something smells fishy, and for once it's not my finger

rwallace3006d ago

Why can't it be awesome? I am having a great time playing this game. Anyone a fan of any cliffhanger shows like Lost, X-Files, Twin Peaks, etc. should love this title. It really is well put together and I give credit where credit is due. Will everyone like it? Probably not, but that does not deter it from being a great game to others.

Hallmark Moment3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

Because he doesn't want to admit the game is shaping up to be special? Who says; a game getting praise is fishy?

OGharryjoysticks3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

But heavy article action coming out and saying it's awesome right before release is wack. If it's that awesome they could wait for review and whip it out then, but there's been too much trolling for positive news just like you two above.

and to answer the Hallmark Moment - my feeling is if a game gets love like this pre-reviews it better be a high 9 on metacritic or else it's obvious the big palm went around with grease.

But hey, this helps weed out the fanboy sites.

rwallace3006d ago

Could I have used a less impactive phrase such as "shaping up to be a great game for Xbox 360 gamers" rather than awesome? Truly though, the bottom line is I my honest opinion is the game is "awesome" from what I have gone through so far. I know all folks wont' all and thats ok. I am not trying to get in an argument at all and I respect your opinion on the heavy article action.

Hallmark Moment3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

It's awesome because they played the game and liked it. Same concept on how all reviewers start to form their opinion about all games. Are you telling me this is the first time you seen a previewer get excited about a game giving it praise leading up to its release?

"But hey, this helps weed out the fanboy sites"

LOL so sites that praise Alan Wake are fanboys sites? I bet you would have no problem with sites trashing the game. All "these type of sites" do in this case is weed out the fanboys in the comment section.

aviator1893006d ago

You crack me up, joystick.

OGharryjoysticks3006d ago

rwallace feels special because they let him play a game pre-release. He's having a blast with it because he feels special.

It's now one of his All-Time favorite games =)

rwallace3006d ago

Well I see this discussion is useless. Where in the preview did I say it was my All Time Favorite or feel special for playing it early? I am a writer and get the chance to play many games pre-release. Thats not that big of a deal. Yes, the game is awesome. I'll leave it at that. Form your own opinion when it comes out and if you hate it or thinks its mediocre then so be it. My writing is not like the Word of God, its only an opinion. Period.

aviator1893006d ago

In the past, many games that have gotten awesome metacritic scores have also gotten the same treatment.

OGharryjoysticks3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

I downloaded those 2 AW webisodes yesterday. They were cool, but were so short, dark, and choppy they were worthless. I even bought the Old Gods of Asgaurd theme so I don't care what your relationship is with MS and unless the game is a total nut releaser you should have been writing about something else to be more productive since fans are gonna buy it regardless

green3006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

lol at DirthHarryJoystick.

Alan Wake, its been a long time. Happy to hear that it may have just been worth the wait.

hoops3006d ago

Where you saying this when many "jerk offs" were stating GOD3 was a great game in the preview of it?

SaberEdge3006d ago

Exactly. When GOW3 was getting positive previews nobody was throwing a hissy fit like Dirty Hairy Joystick is doing. I guess some of these guys think it's only ok to get excited about PS3 games and any positivity about an Xbox 360 game is simply not allowed.

Whatever. All I know is that Alan Wake has consistently impressed me and has been one of the games that interested me most for quite some time.

Solidus187-SCMilk3006d ago

whats with the crying from people like you?

He didnt even review it.

you : "ohh nooooo, someone likes a 360 game. moron, biased, payed off, etc... CRY CRY CRY. <insert ps3 list here> CRY CRY CRY."

you people are like a broken record.

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Sez 3006d ago

Mark my words on this one. If this game score higher than GoW3 or heavy rain. I bet dollars to donuts that many upset fanboys will be screaming from the rafters about graphics or the reviews where brided.

Biggest3006d ago

And if it doesn't, the same thing will happen.

Sez 3006d ago

I've never seen a review on this site or anyother site for that matter. When 360 fans complained about a game that score low. Where as they started calling reviews biased or they where bride too give a low score. I think they are alittle more mature when it comes to game scores. But you can provide a link to prove me wrong. I have no problem admitting I am wrong.

Inside_out3006d ago

Another great PREVIEW...people are really impressed with this surprise...Remedy a class act...they have gone out of their way to explain their decisions even though they didn't have to...

Day one for me...has been for a long time...360 just keeps getting it done...Alan Awesome....May 18...when Alan awakes....

Brewski0073006d ago

This looks very good, and its getting alot of press. I dont own an xbox360 personaly but its good to see healthy competition. I'm sure a game like this will just encourage dev's for the ps3 to try top it. If I do end up getting a 360 and the reviews for this are good I might consider getting it. :)

SaberEdge3006d ago

See, this is a good comment from a single console owner. I personally think owning both PS3 and 360 is the way to go, but I also realize that some people choose to only own one console, and that is fine. Owning only one console is perfectly fine, but there is no need to be negative about any competing consoles. You can be a single console owner and still be respectful of other consoles and their games.

southernbanana3006d ago

Owning both consoles is the way to go this generation. Although I favor the 360, if I hadn't purchased a PS3 there are some good games I would miss-out on. With the arcade being $199 and the recent ability to use flash drives (kind of makes up for the lack of a hard drive), it's silly to not own both really. I wish everyone would own both, then fanboys would realize they are both pretty even in terms of graphics capabilities. I'm just a poor college kid, so if I can afford both......

Nathan Drake23006d ago (Edited 3006d ago )

on amazon US 19 days before release-#61
on amazon UK 15 days before release-not in top 100

i hope remedy won't bankrupt.

TheXgamerLive3006d ago

in time.

Alan Wake and Remedy will be quite rich from this game and the series to follow.

Obama3006d ago

Xgamer, I heard the same about SCC, and see what happened. Not that sales indicate the quality of a game, but I can assure you it won't be one of the best selling games of all time. If it is a fps, then may be lol.

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