GameKult Review: Monster Hunter Tri

GameKult: Those born during the Mesozoic or who have simply seen Jurassic Park know very well: the dinosaurs are not our friends, except of course in Denver. Monster Hunter Tri proposes that we go back to the time where men coexisted modest hunters, and prehistoric monsters.

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Demons Souls2883d ago

They should've kept the series on PSP. Oh well, it's not the first stupid decision Capcom has made this gen.

Fierce Musashi2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

If you're talking about sales, then I beg to disagree. It has already sold over a million total.

If you're talking about reviews, I beg to disagree again, mate. It is currently their highest rated Monster Hunter.

Smacktard2882d ago

I love how Sony fanboys often make baseless and outright incorrect accusations without doing any research at all.

No, wait, I hate that, and it's this kind of bull that's plaguing N4G and has been since forever.

Fierce Musashi2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

That's N4G for ya.

LOL Wow that almost caught me off guard for a second, but I remember that this is N4G. Idiots who choose to disagree with facts without even countering like testicleless fanboys isn't something new anyway.

rezzah2882d ago

Flop huh, i wonder how long you've been a fan of MH. Surely if it was sine the time of MH on the ps2, back in 2004 was it?, You'd understand how these reveiwers work. Its the same thing they complain about every time. Seriously its either you like the game or you dont. theres no inbetween. If anything here flopped its you.

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FinalomegaS2882d ago

LOL @ 6/10

clearly he was playing with the wiimote and can't handle a game with no lock on.

ok next!

best MH to date, and the online ROCKS!

MH3 :