Mystery of the Nintendo Star Controller Solved

PressTheButtons writes: Back in 2006 Nintendo revealed a few prototypes of the controller for its Wii console. Mixed in with concepts that would become the Wii remote was a bizarre orange circular object with a large Starman button on top. There was no clue offered as to just what this controller did or how it worked.

We've been baffled for three and a half years, but now the answer has finally come forth thanks to Osamu Inoue's new book Nintendo Magic: Winning The Video Game Wars in which the story of the development of the Wii and Nintendo DS's unusual designs led Nintendo to shoot back to the top of the video game industry is told. Here's the explanation for the mysterious star controller...

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ReBurn3001d ago

I'll sure sleep better now.

NateNater3001d ago

Good. I've been worrying about this mystery since 2006 too ;-)

N4g_null3001d ago

LOL it did not die it became the wii fit controller expect you stand on it now LOL.