World Of Warcraft: Cataclysm Echo Isles Screenshots, Details

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm will finally give trolls their own starting zone, the Echo Isles. Today Blizzard released a few screenshots of this zone and revealed what lowbie trolls can expect.

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Montrealien3035d ago

And is still the most popular mmorpg out there. What's your point?

yamzilla3035d ago

is this game still looks better maxed out than anything the consoles can I can LITERALLY run it twice at the same time on one computer at 60fps. The only reason I know this is because I ran my character and my girlfriends character to get mounts while she was making thought there would be some frame dip but nothing...

Where are all those promised console mmo's????
They are never know why

Wow on its lowest settings with 1000 characters on one server would fuking fry the 2005 game that would fuking choke the 360 and hide her dirty body in a dumpster.

And they talked about age of conan on the couldn't play the intro movie without rrod...same with the ps3

Montrealien3035d ago

That the thing with wow, the people who say it looks dated clearly have zero understanding of what wow really does graphically. The textures alone are pure art. What they do with this aging engine blows my mind, and its all in HD.

Wintergrasp alone show how the PC has the uper hand on consoles. 100 on 100 battles with seige vehicles, dozens of different rolls, hundreds of different spells, destructable forstress, capturable towers, there is just nothing like it on consoles.

dreamtheater873035d ago

Not to mention a massive and seamless game world. Try flying hundreds of ft above Northrend and tell me it's dated. Epic draw distance.