God of War Site Update Could Show Young Kratos

The Spartans Stand Tall side of the God of War website has today been updated, with the flickering of what could be the brother of Kratos.

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-Alpha2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Sounds very interesting. But isn't Kratos the bald guy in the pic on the left? Seems like the pic on the right is still Kratos but younger.

But I'm hoping Santa Monica moves on to a different Mythological setting. Norse, Egyptian, etc. I know they will continue with great games but having someone too similar to Kratos could make the character less interesting. Personally, I think they should be done with the mythology.

I would love for God of War to evolve into a new mythological period. New characters, gods, beliefs, conceptions of the afterlife, conceptions of the culture, etc. It would truly refresh the franchise and IMO would be a bombshell of an E3 announcement.

Baka-akaB2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Id love a new gow with a norse setting personally .
Those disagreeing need to realise that the greek pantheon is running out of figures , with now mostly left the most obscure ones , a few key avatars , spirits and titans but with very little lore (such as nemesis , nyx , chaos , hyperion ....) ... Or do you really feel like fighting the god of harvest , and the spirit of wine ?

Once you've taken out the big guns , having around a few relatively known , yet not so important gods feels meh

Or it would be going into the endless cycle of flashbacks

Norse myths are brutal enough , and full of charimastic figures .

Plus there hasnt been yet a game doing norse myths some justice . At best some random , ragnarok mentions or swords , and random use of norse names for rpg characters .

Egypt would be also great , and could actually tie nicely with gow , adding some minor asiagods and egyptians deity to kratos' spree .
PLus as most mythology it's twisted and full enough of brutality and dark behaviors

Kain812856d ago

Freyja,Beowulf and many more norse characters

lokiroo4202856d ago

Baka kratos has no motivation, ie revenge, to fight any other mythology, i wouldnt expect him to leave greek. Rather picking up his story before gow 1.

Nevers2856d ago

... the extras are fresh in my mind. There was a xtra that was about the back story of Kratos which involved him being separated from his brother. His brother apparently becomes a demon and at the end it says he wishes to seek vengeance on the brother that left him to the wolves. If that plot point hasn't been taken care of in II or III then I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts there's another GodoWar in the works and Kratos' brother will be a major portion of it.

Again... if any of that prehistory was covered in II and III, I wouldn't know yet and you can toss my idea out the winder.

Baka-akaB2856d ago


Other pantheons , especially the neighbour ones , might not take kindly to seeing one being eradicated , and might want to take preventive or avenging action against kratos . Kratos would of course react accordingly .

Plus i dont believe that GoW needs to forever be tied to Kratos to evolve and survive . Santa Monica got enough talent to create a new badass hero

Simon_Brezhnev2856d ago

i really doubt they do anything more about his brother not sure why fans want to see him so much. I could careless about him they never even focused about him i guess because he got Kratos blood or something.

-Alpha2856d ago

Whoa, your way, way off. Kratos wouldn't even be involved. I am talking about a completely new game that retains the God of War title but is set in a new storyline/setting.

Norse would be amazing, wish more people would support the idea. It'd be a completely new experience. No Kratos, no Greek Myth: Just a new character with a new story in a new myth,

silvacrest2856d ago

you came up with some strong points and i gotta say, i agree 100%

as painful as it would be to say bye bye to kratos having the next GoW set in norse mythology would be epic, and to be honest what is left for kratos right now? not much if anything

what im wondering is is kratos gonna somehow be ported into norse mythology or are we gonna see a completely new character take the lead

what i certainly dont want is pointless back track or even more pointless spin off

despair2856d ago

Norse sounds great killing Loki, Thor, Odin etc. would be awesome and with as rich history and mythology as greek to follow it will be amazing.

Fighting in Valhalla will be amazing, maybe bedding a Valkyrie or three to keep the GOW tradition alive also. I like this idea maybe the image is a statue of Odin or Thor would be very very nice.

NewYork2142856d ago

Would love the next GoW to be about Norse mythology. agree 100% with you guys. I mean what else can they do with Greek mythology, they can probably think up some stupid storyline but id rather a new main character, new plot and new mythos.

-Alpha2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )


Why would Kratos be remotely involved? Makes no sense for him to cross over to a new Mythology. They are two different worlds and system of cultural beliefs. Kratos would stick out more than a black guy on a Hockey team. I want a new setting because it would be fresh and exciting. There is a rich history in these mythologies that tell of great stories and characters.

And thanks Akab-Baka for making sense of it. Glad you agree with it. I want to see if I can push it on the official PS3 forums

sikbeta2856d ago

Oh man, I was Dreaming with a Game ala God of War about Kratos Bro fighting in Hades Territory + other places searching for his Older Bro, to meet him and/or Kill him...

Mainman2856d ago

I'd prefer Roman mythology over Norse mythology myself. Fighting Mars etc.

But I much rather see Asian Mythology, Chinese or Japanese or something, that'll probably give a more sophisticated combat system to the game.

But... I cant help but wonder what happened to Kratos's brother though. I wouldnt mind it at all if the new God of War were Greek mythology again.

The Great Melon2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )


I see what you did there. Besides that Asian mythology would be really interesting to see. Greek, Egyptian, and Norse are the big ones that most know about, however I have seen little about Asian mythology in games. Heck I don't know much about any Asian mythology in general.

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kidnplay2856d ago

Nicely picked out, seems interesting :D

renegade2856d ago

Yeah, look like katros bro.

Kratos Spartan2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

I already pointed this out in the other thread before this article. His brother is the one with the long hair. That reflection does not resemble his brother, but Kratos himself as a boy!

renegade2856d ago

Well I cant tell if hes brother i cant see the long hair but i see a bald figure if im wrong.. So I Think figure shows the young kratos, this will be exciting

arakouftaian2856d ago

But if he does not remenber himself when he was a kid

maybe is one of his Sons and he dress like his INfamous The Legend "Kratos" his father and wan't to be like him.
Because of the great historys he hear abouth his father .

and he wan't to be like his father, the one he nevers meet . .

SpaceSquirrel2856d ago

Nice find. I wonder if it's DLC or a new game.

mjolliffe2856d ago

I think it's a little early for a new game. So maybe some sort of DLC :)

renegade2856d ago

Sounds like a dlc is too early for a god4 when it relase not to long ago but believe they already be working for a new game.

HolyOrangeCows2856d ago

Unless it's another PSP title or it's just an announcement countdown.
Or perhaps they were working on a prequel the whole time...but I doubt it.

NateNater2856d ago

Yea that reflection definitely looks a lot like Kratos' brother.

lokiroo4202856d ago

uhhh kratos is the bald one

NateNater2856d ago

That's a good point. But looking at the face in the reflection it doesn't really resemble kratos. The face actually looks more like his brothers IMO.

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