GKNOVA6 Updated - Hints At Resistance 3?

SystemLink: "GKNOVA6 has been updated for the third time. What was thought to be a Call Of Duty 7 teaser has taken a turn for the eerie. Here's what happens:"

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kidnplay2852d ago

Love the Resistance series, would love this to be true.

mjolliffe2852d ago

Same here. #2 wasn't as brilliant as Fall of Man, but I'm sure Insomniac could make a superb third :)

mrv3212852d ago

I suggest you go back and play FOM, I loved the original, played it all the time. ESPECIALLY online ( U.S.S Lexington ftw ) but I will state this, FOM<2 in my honest opinion.

I prefered the sequels story, I enjoyed CO-OP but online was about the same.

TOO PAWNED2852d ago

RFOM was great, second game was junk, at least single player, i only play single players. I stopped at around 3 hours in, huge disappointment

Xulap2852d ago

I would also love it if it's Resistance 3.

But, looking back at what Treyarch did with Call of Duty 5(added zombies), I wouldn't doubt this is another Treyarch's Call of Duty we're talking about.

himdeel2852d ago

...I must now buy 1st day from this point forward! Really excited if 3 is dropping this year!

AEtherbane2852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

Wasn't Resistance 3 already confirmed by a billboard a few months ago?

TooTall192852d ago

That billboard was in an outdoor movie set. Insomniac hasn't announced it. I hope they talk about multiplayer and keep the online splitscreen cause that was sweet.


Thats obviously the Carbine w/grenade launcher from the Resistance series...

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BaSeBaLlKiD7212852d ago (Edited 2852d ago )

It does make sense since Resistance has aliens...

EDIT: it appears to be Call of Duty 7. If you google GKNOVA6, a bunch of Call of Duty references show up after the search.

kidnplay2852d ago

But then, the Call of Duty references would be due to the fact that we've all currently - up till this point - thought that it was Call of Duty. But these references and aliens stuff seem to point more to R3, which is another high-profile game which is on the horizon. And with those billboards appearing with the game logo on, and E3 upcoming, who knows?

mjolliffe2852d ago

That was due to the fuss made about it earlier this month; it was though to be of COD7 or Fallout: New Vegas...

jkkfreelance2852d ago

sounds gd, but wonder if it actually is r3 or not?

Quagland2852d ago

I hope so. Insomniac have been strangely quiet since ACIT came out. They're known for releasing a game every year so I don't see the point of all the mystery. *shrugs*

Fishy Fingers2852d ago

If nothing else it proves it's not COD. All sounds rather Resistance, all part of a build up to E3 maybe.

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The story is too old to be commented.