E3 2007: Halo Wars Preview

King Midas had a way with, well, anything. According to lore, the stately one could touch inanimate objects and turn them to gold. The Xbox-equivalent of King Midas' would be Bungie's Halo universe. Put those angelic words on literally anything - including but not limited to graphic novels, toys and even rock bands (as evidenced at Microsoft's press conference last night)- and you have an instant cash cow.

An RTS based on the Halo universe? Why not? It sort of worked for the Lord of the Rings franchise, and it seems as though Bungie's baby has a little more of the Midas touch in the gaming world than Baggins and Co.

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razer4000d ago

A little developer studio known as Ensemble! Basically one of the masters of RTS games in my opinion. This will be a big seller! I'm not into RTS that much but the 360 seems to have a bunch of them. If anything it does kill the stigma of 360 having only FPS games. I have to hand it to MS that they are really showing some diversity this generation.

i Shank u4000d ago

Something Ive always noticed about halo is it parallels starcraft alot with the story; Colonial Marines, Covenant, The Flood, with ancient-creator race Forerunners; Starcraft has Human colonists, Protoss(highly technological aliens, the Zerg(massively produced biological race that spreads quickly), and god-creator race Xel-Naga(both forerunners and Xel-Naga have mysteriously vanished). both Protoss and Covenant Glass entire planets from orbit, etc. many more parallels exist. point is Halo has an awsome set-up for RTS, a setup like that of arguably the greatest RTS, with already 4 known races, so this could be a great RTS, cant wait to play it

akaFullMetal4000d ago

still dont think it will sell that well, there is only a certain crowd for rts, but maybe it will sell more if they put it in the halo universe they thought, which probably will

360RULEZ4000d ago

i cant wait to play this

FeralPhoenix4000d ago

I thought C & C was awesome on 360, so being a huge Halo fan, I think this game will be even better with the familiar Halo universe added appeal.