Xbox Live Game Room Content Delayed

The Xbox Live Game Room came into the spotlight just a short while ago, and it has many Xbox 360 owners anticipating what new content will accompany each update. So far, the experience has been very great, and the third game pack could even top the first two - if it wasn't delayed.

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-Alpha2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

GameRoom is actually pretty neat. Of course, it's a complete rip-off for me, but MS really did a good job aiming it towards the casual audience.

Hopefully we see better titles come for it. There are 100 better ways to use MS Points and GameRoom isn't one of them.

Speaking of which, I need MS Points but can't afford the damn thing after having to buy LIVE.


The games, from what I've seen suck a lot. But they added things like decorating your room with gifts you get from games and stuff like that. I mean, I think it's lame, but it's clearly aimed at casuals.

They need better games. Original games unfortunately wont come to GR since it's all about classic. That's why I prefer Home. I can play titles like EcoChrome on an arcade for free... once I boot up Home, go to Arcade, and wait for a free spot. The point is, GR is a dumb nickel and dime ripoff.

ConnorSmith2879d ago

I agree, they are beginning to appeal more towards the casual players, of course, that isnt my cup o' tea, but I see where they're coming from.

I hope they can keep up stuff like this...

sumo3112879d ago

Tbh, I am not a big fan of GameRoom, and I dont even see the casual audience flocking to it. It isnt revolutionary, and it just feels "old".

I dunno...

Blaze9292879d ago

they needa give up with Game Room IMO. it's just...lame

Excalibur2879d ago

I actually got a 4000 points card last week for $41.56

On topic I DL'ed game room when it first came out, played it a few times a week or so after and haven't touched it since.

sumo3112879d ago

@1.3 I wouldn't say give up, but really they need to work on it. Change up the concept a big. Shake things around you know. Suprise us!

-Alpha2879d ago

Thanks man. I'm going to Costco though. They have Gold for $40 lol. I'm thinking of getting 1600 MS Points for around $20 but then I may not be able to afford games this Summer like Red Dead and ModNation.

I've never used Amazon before. I think I'll check at my Costco first.

I am dying to play Braid and Geometry Wars. So many better ways to spend money than on GameRoom.

Excalibur2879d ago

Amazon also has free shipping over $20.00 and no tax, every little bit helps.

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sumo3112879d ago

Man, you're that impressed with this?

thrust2879d ago

the game room sucks big time and i like my 360 alot more than my ps3

2879d ago
-MD-2879d ago

I personally don't see the appeal of gameroom. Like Home I downloaded it, played around for 20 minutes and then never went back.

It's only for people who want to play ancient atari games that are long forgotten so who exactly is this for?