Ratchet & Clank E3 2007 Show Floor Gameplay HD

Check out this latest footage of Ratchet & Clank from the Show Floor. HD version after the jump.

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Whoooop3874d ago (Edited 3874d ago )

Never was a fan of R&C, but this one is pushing me hard to try it.

Looks so beautiful. The colors, the smoothness, the detail everything looks good.

Gonna need a pretty cartoony adventure like this to get a break from the other serious games like Lair, HS and uncharted.. ;)

DADO3874d ago

The video will not play. Am i the only one with the problem?

Whoooop3874d ago

Just click the link and watch it at gametrailers.

NewScratch3874d ago

i initially just put in a photo when posting this but left the comment too small so this was added. my main reasoning was to show this sucker in HD...

JIN KAZAMA3874d ago

starting to flex its muscles. The 360 woke up the sleeping GIANT and it better RUN for its life.

PS360PCROCKS3874d ago

ahhh give me more more MORE!! That is soooo cool the amount of stuff happening everywhere. To anyone who wants to try this just for the graphics, believe me you will love it for the gameplay. It's kiddie but a TON of fun and their are some AWESOME guns and wont regret it if you buy it

Whoooop3874d ago

Nice advertisement there my friend.. You just ALMOST convince me.

PS360PCROCKS3874d ago

thank you haha but apparently no one agrees with us

Kleptic3874d ago

Yeah I never played any of these...or the Jak stuff...It does look cool...and Insomniac is well known for its weapon design...the alternate fire options for every gun in Resistance is really the best part about the game...

PS360PCROCKS3874d ago

Have ever seen the funny commercials for this game, their always with humans and they always have some like insane gun? Gravitron and all kinds of crazy stuff

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