9 new things about Metroid: Other M

GamesRadar: Yoshio Sakamoto is known as the father of Metroid. Not that he likes the title. "I feel resistance when people credit me for creating the series," he explained. "Maybe you could say I'm the one who raised Samus. But the Metroids were born by the Queen Metroid!" So began a fascinating peek into the brain of one of Nintendo's oddest minds. Coy on Other M specifics, Sakamoto's thought processes give us a salivating taster of what's to come later this year…

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eagle212880d ago

That's the most informative gamesradar article I've read in a while. Very good. :)

NateNater2880d ago

Yeah, usually I find GamesRadar to be more on the comical side when it comes to writing articles, but this one was very informative.

Urmomlol2880d ago

Totally agree. Very informative.

NateNater2880d ago

Lol Samus won't be dating Sakamoto. Poor Sakamoto :'(

eagle212880d ago

I laughed at that too. ;)

EvilTwin2880d ago

Wow. An article on Other M that actually gets it right and calls it a 3D action game (amazing how the camera angles throw off "gaming journalists"). Good job, GR.

Can't wait. This is my most anticipated game of the year (even over Zelda).

NateNater2879d ago

Is that really what it stands for?