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Dude, can we get a reliable release date? Seriously, the companies come up with killer games, sending out all kinds of teasing commercials and awesome trailers. You'd think in the midst of all this planning and hyping they could figure out minor details such as when the game will be finished. Amy Nelson at GoozerNation doesn't like to whine--ok, maybe just a little bit.

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ReBurn3002d ago (Edited 3002d ago )

Well, having worked in commercial software development for 15 years I can tell you one thing. The majority of customers would rather software be late but right than on-time and imperfect. Games are no exception. As a consumer I can deal with the disappointment of a missed release date as long as when I get the product it is that much better. And if there's nothing you can do to make it right, then it's just better to just cancel it.

DeeBee3002d ago

I totally agree with you. Sadly the later never happens, a game gets delayed so they can "iron our kinks and perfect it", but, more of than than not, we STILL get an imperfect release. Either way we loose.

averyzoe3002d ago any industry, yes there are unexpected problems and delays. But I don't think as consumers we should have to choose between an imperfect game and a reliable release date. In nearly every industry, when you fall behind on a project you face consequences, whether they be decreased revenue or loss of clients. The big game companies, however, seem to gain from their delayed release dates. They keep you hanging on for months telling you this big game is coming soon, and then when the release date rolls around they say "Hey, sorry-it's delayed. Watch this cool trailer!" and then proceed to hype it up more. I would not be at all surprised if it was an intentional tactic to build up anticipation, and it seems to work. No matter how many times they delay, consumers still buy it.

Cheeseknight283002d ago

"Pick a date, and stick with it. I was so hoping to be playing my new copy of LOTR: Aragorn's Quest last week. But I can't, because they changed the release date to September."

Troll article? I can see what his point is, but I can't see how this is a good example. Starcraft II would likely be a better one.

averyzoe3002d ago

Starcraft II is your current disappointment, LOTR is mine. The point is not that one game was released late, but that there are consistent late releases.
Oh, and "she" not "he". Girls play video games too. :)

Cheeseknight283001d ago

Yeah I suppose so. It's nice to see someone excited about Aragorn's Quest, even though I honestly don't have it anywhere on my radar.